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Here are a few things we've found around the web that are cool. (Curated by Matthew Carew)

Dickey Chapelle may not be a name that you know, but you likely know her photos. 50 years after her death, the war photographer is being named an honorary marine. Her photos capture the grit and danger of war, and put you on the battlefield right with the her and the subjects of her photos.

Aside from the publicized Nikon and Canon Mirrorless news, a new rumor from Sony is going around – The Sony a6700.

  • Sony a6700 Rumors Are Now Circulating (Fstoppers)

If you’re like me and absolutely love drones, you may find this article interesting! This article discusses the best drones for your needs and also some different ways to use drones to capture the footage that you need.

  • A Guide to Drone Photography/ Cinematography for Architecture (ArchDaily)

Want some tips on how to attract potential buyers? Check out this article!

  • 7 Photography and Videography Tips to Attract Potential Buyers (RISMedia)

Ever thought about crime photography. Neither do I! If you don’t know what I’m talking about or if you are interested, this article talks about the history of photography and its uses by courts and law enforcement.

  • The Grainy and Grisly History of Crime Photography (OUPblog)

This article offers an interesting perspective on aerial photography and discusses aerial photography before drones were as popular and advanced as they are today.

  • What Drones Can’t Do: Aerial Photographers Explain the Art of Their Craft (Observer)

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(cover photo credit: snap from Dickey Chapelle via National Geographic)

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