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Here are a few things we've found around the web that are cool. (Curated by Matthew Carew)

I am putting this article as the first on this list of articles because I think it is very interesting and everyone should definitely check it out. This article talks about photography being used to better understand the relationships between people. It is very cool!

We now live in an age where there are so many different ways to print a photo. But have you ever wondered how photograph collectors print their photos? Do they just download them to their computers? This article talks about some of the different ways photograph collectors choose to print their photos!

This podcast by talks about the different ways that photography was used in World War I. Unfortunately, the podcast is no longer linked, but you can read a transcript of it!

This wedding photographer uses film when she shoots weddings. What are your thoughts on this? Is digital always better or are there certain looks that can only be achieved using film?

  • Film photography is not dead in Colorado Springs (The Gazette)

This article shows some of the winners of the 2018 Macro Art Photo Project. These are all just amazing photographs and I highly recommend that everyone read this article to see the amazing photos and learn more about the photographers who captured them!

  • Close-up winners of the International Garden Photographer of the Year (BBC News)

Watch this video to see some really old photographs in salted paper prints, a technique unveiled in Britain in 1839.

  • See some of the world's earliest photographs (BBC News)

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(cover photo credit: snap from Karen Miranda Rivadeneira via Photo District News)

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