Hawaiian Comedy Webseries Making Laughs and Social Media Waves out in Honolulu

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Think of the low-stakes, low production value of the hit comedy series The Office and throw in some genuine Hawaiian charm plus a few more expletives and you’ve got Waikiki PD.

Produced by Orig Entertainment, this year’s new webseries takes a handful of hilarious Hawaiian character actors and plots them in ridiculous police situations making ludicrous comedy out of island police enforcement.

This one here is my favorite episode, Jaywalking, with Officer Dan making another total mockery of Hawaiian police. Also watch their version of the Harlem Shake (only a few years behind the trend).

Their series has been picking up serious traction on social media, with their last video reportedly getting over 250,000 views on Facebook and Instagram.

Check out the hype on their page and order an awesome Waikiki PD T-Shirt.


Waikiki PD – Web Series – Budget Cuts

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(cover photo credit: snap from Orig Entertainment)

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