From Groundbreaking Camera Movement to Revolutionary Human Mobility Invention: ZEEN

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This year’s annual eg conference for “innovators in the world’s most creative industries” put the spotlight on a miraculous invention from a team of inventors called Exokinetics.

Garrett Brown, the man behind the game-changing Steadicam and Skycam, and teammate Chris Fawcett, have developed a device called the Zeen to aid in the mobility of those battling age, injury, and disease.

After decades of furthering the ability of camera movement and dynamic shots with the invention & evolution of the Steadicam and Skycam, Garrett and Chris have turned their skills towards helping the unfortunate and impaired by increasing human mobility and functionality.

Garrett Brown, Inventor of Steadicam and Skycam & Chris Fawcett, Inventor (EG12)

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May, 2018: Garrett Brown and Chris Fawcett discuss their seminal inventions in the movie business and beyond. Garrett Brown invented the Oscar-winning Steadicam® stabilizer and used it on nearly 100 movies beginning with ‘Rocky’. Chris Fawcett’s numerous inventions are aimed at increasing human mobility and functionality.

Through much trial and error, they have perfected the Zeen which allows persons bound for wheelchairs the ability to continue their life in a normal fashion. The Zeen replaces a walker or wheelchair, allowing those whom are impaired to move under their own power in an assisted gait only 2-3% different from true walking.

With the spring-loaded support system adjusted for height and weight, it also allows users to take a seated position at their typical eye-level, allowing them to hold a conversation without anyone having to look down at them.

The joy and positive psychological effect this can bring to elderly and disabled people is truly incredible, and we commend Garrett and Chris for their efforts to such a noble cause. Someone who can hardly stand could now cook a meal all on their own!

Learn more about the Zeen plus see it in action in their keynote speech at the conference and visit their main site for more information.

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