Create Powerful Films with Hurlbut Visuals Course on Cinematography

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If you've read planet5D in the past, you KNOW how much I love Shane Hurlbut.

I have been blessed to be on set with Shane.

I've seen him work.

I've been in his classes.

I know how much he teaches.

If you want to learn about filmmaking, Shane is the real deal.

We will have a review of this course soon from someone other than me because I'm biased LOL.

Hurlbut Visuals Course on Cinematography: Mastering The Image

Via Hurlbut Visuals:

Thoughtful lighting is the driving force behind your story. It creates drama, establishes a mood. It’s what separates award-winning films from the rest.

Upgrade your filmmaking arsenal. Learn how to light from Hollywood cinematographer Shane Hurlbut, ASC in this unprecedented Course Cinematography: Mastering The Image.


  • Light Interior Scenes
  • Distribute power on your sets
  • Block Scenes
  • Light day interiors
  • Light green screens
  • Shape and control light
  • Break down your script
  • Light Night Interiors
  • Mimic the sun
  • Select your aspect ratio

Cinematography: Mastering The Image

Knowing how, why, and when certain lights work is crucial to elevating your story.

Shane Hurlbut, ASC and his team cover everything in this cinematography bundle. From generator etiquette to creating natural night interiors. every level of filmmaker will learn and develop as an artist with this invaluable curriculum.

This new and exclusive opportunity from Hurlbut Visuals enables you to learn directly from one of Hollywood’s most successful and in-demand Directors of Photography.

Gain immediate access to 33 in-depth lessons.

  • Pre-Production

Learn to develop your films visual language, plan out your shots, and choose the right aspect ratio.

  • Grip & Electric

Know your grip and electric gear. Learn how different lights work and how to get the most out of all your equipment.

  • Working with Set Power

As the DP on a production, your job is to dial in the desired vision. Learn how to power your set, no matter how big.

  • How to Light a Green Screen Series

Make your green screen scenes seamless. Learn how to light your subject in all situations to elevate the quality of your story.

  • Shaping Light

Lighting is the driving force behind your story. It creates shape, instills drama, and establishes a mood. Learn to shape interiors and exteriors for day, night, big or small.

  • Blocking and matching coverage

Shane Hurlbut, ASC takes you through the steps of crafting a scene to life through coverage and blocking.

Get the Cinematography: Mastering The Image now to kickstart your filmmaking success.

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