planetOids – 2018-07-19 – Landscape Photography Gone Wrong, Photographing History, Photography Contest and More

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planetMitch note: We've started a new series! Here are a few things we've found around the web that are cool. Curated by Matthew Carew.

Have you ever abandoned your warm, cozy, comforting bed SUPER early in the morning while on vacation to capture that perfect sunrise shot? We all have! This article by Fstoppers talks about the frustration of screwing up that perfect shot

  • When Landscape Photography Goes Wrong (Fstoppers)

Here's the video by Youtuber, Thomas Heaton where he talks about the proper preparation and set up required to get that jaw-dropping sunrise timelapse!

How I Messed Up During the Best Light

The Dust Bowl combined with the Depression in the 1930s is a time that will forever be remembered for the harsh brutality that people faced. With thousands of Dust Bowl refugees pouring into California, photographer Dorothea Lange took it upon herself to capture the hardships that Americans faced in these times. Her photos capture scenes of poverty and despair, and still exist today as reminders of what older generations suffered and fought through to get to where they are now. This article by CNN discusses her work.

  • The government photographer who gave a face to American poverty (CNN Style)

This next link is to an entry form for a contest to win a Lumix Mirrorless camera (Get your Panasonic Lumix Cameras via Adorama)! The instructions and rules are detailed in the article.

  • Summer Pix 2018: Enter your photographs to win a camera (Irish Times)

Anyone on the market for a new computer to edit photos/videos with? This article by Fstoppers talks about some of the best computers out there!

  • 2018 Custom PC Guide for Photography and Video (Fstoppers)

This is more of a local announcement for readers in British Columbia. The BCSPCA (The B.C. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) is launching a wildlife photography contest! For more information, read the article below!

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(cover photo credit: snap from Thomas Heaton's YT video)

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