RigWheels Introduces Its New Collection of Versatile Camera Dolly, Camera Slider and Camera Mounting Tools

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RigWheels has lined up its new collection of versatile camera dolly, camera slider and camera mounting tools to help HDSLR users.

The Cloud Mount – Slingshot

The Cloud Mount Slingshot builds on the incredible versatility of the Cloud Mount system by adding a configuration tailored for underslinging your camera/gimbal combination. The new elastic suspension components provide excellent vibration isolation performance for more demanding applications while maintaining the simplicity and practicality that RigWheels in known for.

Just like the standard Cloud Mount configurations, the Slingshot is fully adjustable and scaleable for use with a small gimbal and camera all the way up to full cinema packages using a monster like the Movi XL. Simply change the length/diameter of the cables and/or elastic tubing to tailor the mount to the size of your camera setup and the terrain you’ll be operating on. Tubing and cables are both available in 3 different diameters.

The elastic tubing is fastened to the system using our stainless steel tube connectors. These come with a variety of threading options so they can be placed in many different positions around our mounting plate as well as used with other rigging accessories. The standard positions for the tube mounts are where the Cloud Mount cables clamps are attached to the plate via 1/4-20″ screws.

Lightning Rod

The Lightning Rod is one of the most useful and no-nonsense tools that you can implement into your productions. It doesn’t take much description or explanation to understand how useful this configuration can be but now with the new Cloud Mount Slingshot Isolator and Portarail support, this is an optimized and refined kit to take this gimbal mounting technique to another level. This is also a perfect way to move a beastly gimbal like the Movi XL which is not designed for handheld use.

Lightning Rod Kits include our Portarail collapsable rails and Pipe Clamps so you can “dock” the system onto light stands. The Pipe Clamps are very handy for this setup because of their upside-down “U” design. This allows you to rest the system on light stands without having to tighten down any screws or clamps. Clamps can be used with both “baby” and “junior” stands.

Passport 2

The Passport 2 Slider/Dolly System is tailor made for traveling professionals and remote on-location production. The all-in-one design and rock solid build quality make the Passport 2 Slider/Dolly system ideal for international documentary and network news style production where larger/heavier camera systems (up to 100 pounds) are being used and a stable, reliable platform is needed. The Passport 2 has dedicated (screw in) tripod-head adapters which allow for more range-of-moting for leveling your head as well as quicker setup.

The entire kit is flight ready at 50lbs (23kg) an won’t incur expensive excess charges.passport camera dolly 6.3′ (1.95m) of track collapse into 19″ sections that pack along with the slider carriage, end-brackets and ball-head adapters into the included custom Pelican 1610 protector case (with wheels & handle).

Magnetic Windshield Mounting Kit

The Magnetic Windshield Mount is the most practical way you’ll find to mount a small camera or other production devices inside a vehicle. With the growing popularity of shooting content inside of vehicles and the unmistakable front-on two-shot that you see everywhere, The magnetic windshield mount provides an ideal solution by overcoming many challenges that typically arise when using traditional suction or hard-mounting techniques.

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