Redrock Micro MōVI Commander

Redrock Micro’s New MōVI Commander is the Mobile Multi-Function Controller We’ve Been Waiting For

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Redrock Micro's New MōVI Commander is the Mobile Multi-Function Controller We've Been Waiting For

Wireless controller offers professional focus/iris/zoom and gimbal controls, is attractively priced, and functions outside Freefly gimbals

Dallas, TX and Hollywood, CA – Redrock Micro today announced the MōVI Commander – a new multi-function mobile controller for Freefly MōVI Pro/XL that delivers remote focus/iris/zoom and gimbal control, operates when not connected to the MōVI gimbal, and is attractively priced. The MōVI Commander is on display beginning today in the Redrock Micro booth at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference in Las Vegas.

Redrock Micro MōVI Commander

Professional and Precise wireless Focus/Iris/Zoom Control
At the heart of the MōVI Commander are industry-standard ergonomics for focus, iris, and zoom. The focus wheel offers refined features including the illuminated marking point, interchangeable focus disks, and adjustable hard stops. Each controller feels comfortable and intuitive, and can be adjusted for personal taste.

Command your Gimbal and Camera
The MōVI Commander is more than a multi-channel lens controller: The dual-axis joystick gives you remote control of gimbal pointing, and the smartly placed record button enables run/stop for any camera plugged in to the MōVI's camera control port.

Redrock Micro MōVI Commander
Seamlessly integrates and extends your MōVI Pro/XL
The Freefly MIMIC plugs into the MōVI Commander as the link to your MōVI Pro/XL, so all the MōVI settings and adjustments you rely on are available at your fingertips. The Commander also addresses some of the MōVI shortcomings, including extending the MIMIC battery life, and lens control without being connected to the MōVI.

Use Outside the Freefly Ecosystem
An extraordinarily valuable feature of the MōVI Commander is the interchangeable Command Module. Unplug the Freefly MIMIC and plug in another module for standalone FIZ, VR, or other planned platforms.

Perfectly Priced
It's challenging to build a great performing mobile unit with all these features: MōVI Commander nails it, and takes it further being the first truly affordable mobile controller for everyone. Special pre-order price is $995. A special pre-order bundle including 3 SLS motors for MoVI Pro/XL is $3890

Redrock Micro MōVI Commander
MōVI Commander Key Features

  • Precision focus iris and zoom control with the ergonomics professionals expect
  • Works with any lens motors including Preston, Arri, Redrock and others
  • Illuminated marking disk and marking strip for recording your focus and iris presets, including illuminated focus mark
  • Camera run/stop button for remote camera recording management
  • Complete access to MōVI settings and calibrations by integrating the MōVI Mimic
  • Use outside of Freefly Ecosystem – a first for MōVI lens controllers: Using the modular command module, unplug the Mimic and use other control modules for standalone FIZ or use with other platforms.
  • Extended battery life with optional hot swappable Canon LP-E6 battery for longer shooting times and fewer battery delays, including power for the MIMIC
  • An incredible value – MōVI Commander costs a fraction of comparable solutions with all the features you need and more

“From the first time we saw the Freefly MōVI, we recognized the potential for gimbal movement, but also experienced its shortcomings,” said James Hurd, President of Redrock Microsystems. “Where our existing Navigator 7-in-1 Command Module is the ideal multi-function controller for solo operators, The MōVI Commander is the perfect multi-function mobile device when you have a dedicated second operator. Either module can be paired with the Redrock SLS lens control motors for the smallest, lightest, and most powerful lens control available today.”

Pricing and Availability
MōVI Commander special pre-order price is $995. Target availability is Summer 2018. In addition to the standalone product, MōVI Commander is also available in a Deluxe Bundle that includes the tiny but powerful SLS motors designed for MōVI Pro/XL. MōVI Commander will be available from Redrock direct and Redrock's Worldwide Authorized Resellers.

About Redrock Micro
Redrock Micro revolutionized independent film production in the early 2000s with the M2 cinema lens adapter and reinvented digital filmmaking in 2008 with DSLR cinema rigs and accessories. Today Redrock continues to break new ground with its award-winning digital cinema rigs and accessories, motion control systems, laser-assisted focus, wireless lens controllers, and Eclipse: its latest generation of networked camera-top accessories. Products that have small crews, solo operators, or are budget conscious rely on Redrock for professional solutions at perfect prices. Redrock has offices in Dallas, Texas, and Hollywood, California, and serves thousands of customers across the globe. All Redrock products are original designs and manufactured in the USA. More information is available at through authorized Redrock resellers worldwide.

(cover photo credit: snap from Redrock Micro)

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