A Fascinating Look into Lens Manufacturing in the SIGMA Factory Tour

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I ran into Johnnie Behiri at NAB and expressed to him how wonderful I thought this exclusive look into the manufacturing of Sigma lenses is and how everyone should see it.

Now, there's nothing earth shattering here, but for many of us who have been involved in manufacturing (I worked at Boeing helping build the F-15 and F-18 fighters for over 30 years), it is always fun to get a behind-the-scenes look at other operations. Especially when it regards equipment you use on a regular basis.

And since this was an exclusive, I would like to honor cinema5D's efforts and instead of imbedding the video here, I would love for you to go to their site to watch. It is only fair that they get all the traffic.

A SIGMA Factory Tour – Via cinema5D

Via cinema5D:

During my latest visit to Japan I was lucky enough to be the first journalist who was allowed to independently film at SIGMA’s Art and cinema zoom lenses production factory. I hope you will enjoy this short video, as I was trying to make you guys feel as if you were visiting the factory together with me.


It was the beginning of March and my request to visit SIGMA’s factory was answered positively. Shinji Yamaki-san at SIGMA was kind enough to pick me up and travel with me to Aizu where SIGMA’s factory is located. The almost four hour journey was extremely enjoyable, as it gave me a chance to talk and get to know Shinji-san, eat the best soba I ever had, while changing trains and witness how the sunny weather in Tokyo was changing to a white snow blanket as we headed north.


At arrival, I was greeted by Kazuto Yamaki-san, SIGMA corporation CEO. For those of you who are not familiar with SIGMA’s history, I’d like to mention that Yamaki-san took over the company during the beginning of 2012, after his father – who founded the company during 1961 – had passed away.

Read full article at cinema5D “A SIGMA Factory Tour – cinema5D Exclusive”

(cover photo credit: snap from cinema5D)

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