AIR in MOTION Proof of Concept by Vincent Laforet

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Vincent laforet ‘Air In Motion' is a fantastic proof of concept based on his very popular and beautiful “air” photography series

Y'all remember this guy Vincent Laforet right? Of course you do!

Ok, I know many of you may not have heard of him, but in some ways, he's the father of the DSLR Video revolution when he shared the first video short shot with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II called “Reverie

His first passion was photography and he worked for years for the New York Times and won a Pulitzer for his work. Then he ventured into video and directing and then about 2 years ago became really fascinated (again) with photography from the air and shot a series of cities way up high in helicopters called “Air.”

And now, the other day on FB, he posted about his ‘proof of concept' of ‘Air in Motion' and he graciously is letting us post it here.

AIR in MOTION Proof of Concept – Los Angeles

I've been waiting for several years to bring AIR ( to life with motion.

Here is a proof of concept shot with a RED 8K Helium and a Fujinon Premier 18-85mm T2.0.

This is by no means a final edit, but in the proof of concept stage. So sit back and enjoy!

(cover photo credit: snap from video)

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