DJI Introduces Single Hand Gimbal, Ronin S

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Post by guest planet5D writer Kevin McCarthy

It was only a matter of time before DJI decided to make their amazing Ronin line available to photography and video hobbyists.

What am I talking about?

Well, ahead of the official start of CES this year, DJI has announced two new products. The first is a new version of their Osmo Mobile.

The improvements include significant battery life improvement, now at a claimed 15 hours on a built-in, non-replaceable battery and a new portrait mode.

These are fantastic improvements over the existing Osmo Mobile. The original featured a replaceable battery with a 3-4.5 hour operating time. If the new model gets anything close to the claimed 15 hours, it’s a milestone. I don’t think I need to tell you how great the added portrait mode is but I will anyway. Most cameras native photo mode is in the portrait position. Since most of the videos created with mobile devices are also viewed on them, this new Osmo Mobile will be even more attractive to mobile device owners with a new, lower price tag of $129!

That’s a huge drop from the original version at $299.

Initially, the new Osmo Mobile will only be available via Apple’s flagship stores. The Osmo Mobile is said to be available for pre-order beginning January 23rd.

The bigger news, in my opinion, is the introduction of the Ronin S.

The Ronin S is a one handed gimbal made for popular mirrorless cameras like the Panasonic GH series, Sony Alpha series and, if the release is to be believed, units as large as a Canon 5D.

Most of us are familiar with DJI’s Ronin line of professional gimbals.

They have changed filmmaking and are often called the best in the business. Unfortunately, we will have to wait until the second quarter of this year to get our hands on one. Worse yet, we will have to wait for a few more days to get the full tech specs and price!

Stay tuned for more updates on the Ronin S here as well!

CES 2018: DJI Unveils Osmo Mobile 2 with 15-Hour Run Time

DJI Osmo 2

Via B&H:

Just in time for CES 2018, DJI has announced the follow-up to its enormously successful Osmo Mobile, the Osmo Mobile 2. At first glance, the design and functionality of the new Osmo appears to mirror the original—with just a few tweaks. Device renderings show that the rosette mount and rear trigger are gone, replaced by a toggle switch that appears to assume some of the functions of the missing trigger. However, the real story is the new Osmo’s massive battery upgrade, which more than triples the run time of the original—up from 4.5 hours to a very satisfying 15. Other specs received an uptick, as well (the mechanical and controllable range both got incremental boosts), but the highlight remains the new battery, which looks to make hot-swapping a thing of the past.

DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Smartphone Gimbal

DJI Osmo 2

  • Capture Stabilized Handheld Footage
  • Supports up to 3.3″ Wide Smartphones
  • Syncs up with Multi-Mode DJI GO App
  • 15 Hour Run-Time
  • Tracking Technology Built Into App
  • Portrait, Underslung, Flashlight Modes
  • On the Move Time-Lapse Feature
  • Panorama Function
  • 1/4″-20 Tripod Mount

DJI Osmo 2

The DJI Osmo Mobile 2 carries over most of the features from the original version and offers several key improvements. It's a bit lighter. The motion ranges are expanded. And run-time is tripled to approximately 15 hours!

Mount any smartphone up to 3.3″ wide and capture smooth footage in handheld operation. The Osmo Mobile 2 syncs up with an included DJI GO app to provide you with a comprehensive workflow consisting of multiple shooting modes and functions, including Portrait, Underslung, Flashlight, Time-Lapse, and Panorama.

Pre-order the Osmo Mobile 2 at B&H.

(cover photo credit: snap from B&H)

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