Azden SMX-30

Does it make sense to have a Stereo & Mono Video Microphone in one unit? Here’s a review of the Azden SMX-30

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This is an interesting idea to combine both a Stereo & Mono Video Microphone into one unit… I'm wondering if my friends (and sponsor) at RØDE are working on something like this. LOL I don't know.

But when I ran into this review, I thought it was intriguing enough to share with our readers.

Would you have a need for one? Do you carry both a stereo mic and a mono boom mic? I do sometimes.

Especially when I want some room ambiance or natural sounds, I want that stereo mic. What would you do?

Stereo & mono microphone with killer features for videography

Although similar in many ways to the most popular on-camera microphones (ex. the Rode VideoMic Pro), the Azden SMX-30 has one killer feature that I wish every microphone would copy.

More info:

Also, this video mic allows you to switch between Mono (directional) and Stereo recording modes

The Azden SMX-30: Handcrafted in Japan To Be the Ultimate Video Microphone

Azden SMX-30 Stereo-/Mono-Switchable Video Microphone

Azden SMX-30

Via B&H:


  • Stereo and Mono Recording Modes
  • -10, 0, and +20 dB Level Adjustment
  • 1/8″ Stereo Mini-Jack Output
  • -10 dB Pad
  • Selectable @ 120 Hz Low-Cut Filter
  • Operates on Two AA Batteries
  • Low Noise & High Sensitivity
  • 40 Hz to 20 kHz Frequency Response
  • Integrated Shock-Absorbing Shoe Mount
  • Includes Foam Windscreen & Carry Pouch

Azden SMX-30

Azden SMX-30

The SMX-30 Stereo-/Mono-Switchable Video Microphone from Azden is a battery-powered microphone with separate stereo- and shotgun-style microphone units that can be switched between mono and stereo recording modes. It can be used to produce pro-quality sound for DSLRs and other compact cameras in applications for interviews, weddings, presentations, and more.

Read more about the specs and features of the SMX-30 at B&H.

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