von wong hangs off of stuff for the shot!

Von Wong’s Epic Photography of Everyday Heroes Leaping Off A Skyscraper

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My friend Benjamin Von Wong (his site) has done it yet again! And I don’t know how he does it – every project he puts his mind to becomes a sensation. He messaged me last week to give me a heads up this was coming and I knew it would spread around the planet. Not only the photos are different and cool, but the people are the story!

Part of it I believe is that he’s working on projects he loves and he always works on things that have social significance. He wants to make a difference in the world. Inspiring!

And that’s why I love featuring people who are making a dent and influencing others (is that you? contact me)

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No, I didn’t ask about the gear nor is it the story here – but I do know he’s mainly shooting sony mirrorless these days.

Don’t forget to watch the Von Wong behind-the-scenes video down at the bottom!

Von Wong: I Photographed Everyday Heroes Leaping Off A Skyscraper

Via Bored Panda:

Within our community lie many unsung heroes that deserve to be celebrated. When Nike challenged me to “walk on air”, I decided that I wanted that opportunity to be given to everyday people who were improving their communities.

Since I’m a photographer, I offered them the best thing I could: A once in a lifetime photoshoot, dangling off buildings.

Our heroes: Ian Banzon, Bryan McClelland, Mike Swift Krizanne Ty and Nikka Arcilla.

More info: blog.vonwong.com

The ones who weren’t scared of heights hung off the skyscraper

von wong hangs off of stuff for the shot!

while those who were, faced their fears on a 7 story public housing building called the Tenement

von wong hangs off of stuff for the shot!

Leaping out over the void was pretty terrifying

von wong hangs off of stuff for the shot!

But the reactions were priceless

von wong impresses the watchers

This is how it was done:

Stunt photoshoot off skyscraper with everyday atheletes

It's not everyday that you manage to convince a megacorporation to celebrate social responsibility. Super thankful that Nike got on board to help highlight everyday heroes while I was in Manila.

See the full story

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Read full article at Bored Panda “I Photographed Everyday Heroes Leaping Off A Skyscraper”

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