Rode VideoMic Pro+ and VideoMic Pro test

Testing the RØDE VideoMic Pro and VideoMic Pro+

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This RØDE VideoMic Pro+ test by Dave Dugdale is worth the time to watch if you're doing any audio recording.

Dave spends a lot of time getting to know the gear and tho (like me) not everything is “scientific,” Dave does a great job of real world testing and tells it like it is.

As you may recall, I was very impressed with the feature set of the RØDE VideoMic Pro+ when I was at the announcement back in January so it is great to see it finally getting tested.

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RØDE VideoMic Pro+ Tested 6 Different Ways

Via Youtube Comment:


I put the frequency responce graphs side by side.

RØDE VideoMic Pro+ testing

The Plus isn't +4 overall, just in the low end

I found this other video review – granted it isn't a comparison with the earlier one, but this young lady likes her RØDE VideoMic Pro+

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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