Should I Buy a New Camera

Should I Buy a New Camera? The Answer is Often NO

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I know, you're shocked… I'm telling you that the answer to “Should I buy a new camera?” is no.

I can hear you now… “but planetMitch, you're writing a gear blog!”

But really, we're not JUST about gear (tho I have had a lot of people tell me that's all they think we write about).

The gear is part of the method to the madness.

And as you probably know, I follow the escapades of Simon Cade and not long ago I saw this video about how he's holding on to his older camera and still making great content. I knew I had to share it with you!

Remember, it isn't about the gear, it is about the story!

Why I Still Won't Buy a New Camera

Via Youtube Description:

Why I'm still not interested in the Sony A7S ii, Panasonic GH5, or Arri Alexa.

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Host and Creator – Simon Cade
Assisstant Editor – Jamie McKernan

(cover photo credit: snap from video)


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