Will the Sony A7III Be A Lower Cost Version of the Sony A9?

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SonyAlphaRumors has shared what they think are the specs for the next version of the Sony A7 which basically makes it appear to be a lower cost clone of the Sony A9 (with a few features missing or lower spec of course).

This just shows how aggressive Sony is being (ok, we knew that already but man, if this is true, it would be a very attractive offering for many shooters!

Yesterday I posted a rumor about Canon possibly creating a new DSLR line for more video functionality – but Sony's A7 III isn't really going to be a competitor to that (if things work out) if it is base on the A9 because the A9 was created primarily for sports shooters. But with a few tweaks, it could tho couldn't it?

I guess we'll have to see where this goes, but it seems to indicate that Sony's still attempting to set the pace.


Image and post from SonyAlphaRumors:

I got these early specs of the a7 III that will be launched at earliest this Fall (there is still a chance it might get announced in early 2018). It’s from a good source but he himself told me that he cannot be 100% sure these specs will be confirmed on the final camera:

6fps with mechanical shutter
ISO up to 51200 (expanded to ISO 204800)
693 phase detection AF (which is same as a9!!)
minimum focus sensitivity is EV-3
4k 30p recording

So basically the A7 III is an A9 without the crazy electronic shutter frame rate. It’s still unclear if the A7 III will have the A9 body or keep the current A7 II body design. My personal guess is that it will keep the A7 II design which means it does not have dual SD card slot.

And this is from a new source (SR2 ranked):

The upcoming ILCE-7M3 will have the same sensor like A9 (almost same electronics inside), but technically down graded to justify a lower price. That means less frames per second speed, maybe no LAN-port and only single card slot. Battery could be the same.

One more thing: It’s yet unclear if the Sony A7r III (I repeat “r” version!) will be announced with the A7 III or a couple of months later.

Source: (SR3) First possible specs of the Sony A7III make it look like a “low cost” version of the Sony A9 – sonyalpharumors

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