Elle Schneider on the Panasonic EVA1

DP Elle Schneider Talks About Shooting With The Panasonic EVA1

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I haven't made much time to focus on the new Panasonic EVA1 – it was teased at NAB and then released a few weeks ago.

So the question with a new camera is always “how well does it work in real conditions?”

That's why I really appreciate the team at IndieShooter.com (was HDSLRshooter) making the time to do an interview with Elle Schneider about her experience using the EVA1.

If you don't remember Elle, she was very involved in the Digital Bolex as well as having several movies premier at SXSW etc… so she knows her way around a camera which makes this podcast very appealing.

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One image from the podcast post:

Elle Schneider on the Panasonic EVA1

Snippet from IndieShooter.com

Cinematographer, director, and writer Elle Schneider came on to our new INDIE Shooter podcast for a fantastic talk about her history in filmmaking, career in the industry and her latest project shooting the short film “Near To Superstition” with Panasonic’s new EVA1.

A USC Film School graduate, Schneider explained how her multiple interests (writing, programming, design, cinematography, directing) and talents prepared her for her work as a DP and director. “All of these different interests kind of grew into the direction that ended up being film”, she explains. It was her time as the Creative Director of Digital Bolex that all her talents were put into effect, but shooting and directing were still her main draw.

However, after a strong five year stint with the company, it was ultimately necessary for Schneider to strike out on her own. “While it was really nice to be doing a lot of narrative and documentary stuff [on the side], I wasn’t doing as many commercial projects as I wanted to do as I was perceived as being so aligned with one particular brand, that it was even just assumed I would have no interest in working with other partners. So this was a very cool experience to kind of come out of that single brand experience and start having people interested in me shooting demo films for different products.”

Read the rest of the post and LISTEN to the podcastPocket: DP Elle Schneider Talks About Shooting With The Panasonic EVA1

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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