“Don’t Say Velcro” – Hilarious Promo Shot on Panasonic GH5

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Here's a hilarious new video shot with the Panasonic GH5 (you can clearly see it in the behind-the-scenes video and they discuss it briefly as well).

I'm not exactly sure about the target market for this video, but it is pretty funny (or pretty lame depending on your viewpoint). It is likely to make you laugh out loud or shake your head in wonder.

But focus on the camera work.

And they say DSLR video is dead! HA!

Do you think this is going to convince people not to call it “Velcro” if it isn't?

Behind the scenes:

Our Velcro Brand Companies legal team decided to clear a few things up about using the VELCRO® trademark correctly – because they’re lawyers and that’s what they do. When you use “velcro” as a noun or a verb (e.g., velcro shoes), you diminish the importance of our brand and our lawyers lose their *insert fastening sound.* So please, do not say “velcro shoes” (or “velcro wallet” or “velcro gloves”) – we repeat “velcro” is not a noun or a verb. VELCRO® is our brand. #dontsayvelcro

Learn more at www.velcro.com/about-us/dontsa….


(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. Losing a trademark is a very serious economic blow to a company and part of defending your trademark is demonstrating that you’ve been vigilant in protecting it.
    This kind of video is aimed at everyone who might use the term Velcro incorrectly—copywriters, advertising people, employees at other brands—but ultimately it’s conceived, written, and produced for just one person: The judge who will be presiding over their next trademark case.

  2. When I think of other brands that have the same issue it seems that calling any Hook and Loop product “Velcro” is free advertising their company isn’t paying for. I know tens of thousands of people that refer to a soda as a “Coke”, and there are more like Jet Ski, Jacuzzi, Onesies, Kleenex, Q-Tips and my favorite Band-Aid.

    In this analysis, for the companies that want to sue everyone for voicing “trademark Improprieties” (over 40 companies), would need to do a crappy video jingle for their Judge too! I am sure all of them have had similar trademark Identity crisis. Get over it and keep making that good Velcro. Wait, this video is an identity crisis, so to the Velcro Lawyers, clean out your ears with a Q-Tip, put a band-aid on it, and jet ski on over to a Jacuzzi. Relax and sharpie your frustrations on a post-it note and scotch tape it to the dumpster. Because after all we all do it, and you can’t change it.

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