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The RØDE VideoMic Pro+ is Available!

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This is cool and going to make things so much better for those shooting DSLR video – a RØDE mic that shuts itself off!

The VideoMic Pro+ is now available!

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I was able to preview these at the RØDEShow earlier this year and I've been eagerly awaiting the news that they'd be available… just look at these features!

New Videomic Pro+

  • New rechargeable battery as an option. Can run on 2 AA batteries instead of 9volt.
  • New rechargeable battery will last 100 hours. 2 hour recharge time.
  • New auto power off and power on! Will detect when cables are not connected and turn itself off and can also detect when the camera is turned on and power up. This was pretty well received by the audience including cheers from me as I’ve burned thru several batteries by not turning the dang things off or remembering to turn it on when recording.
  • Can operate with power from microUSB without batteries if needed – so you can connect to ptap or other sources with adapters.
  • Also exciting is newly designed battery compartment door. Many had difficulty with the prior version and they heard us!
  • 2 stage high pass filter – 75 and 150Hz as well as a high frequency shelf
  • Cords have locking screws like on the RØDELink system. Since the cords are removable, you can get several varieties of plug combinations for different cameras including smartphones!
  • The mic itself is a bit higher – meaning further away from camera body picking up less noise from camera itself.
  • Rycote Lyre Shock Mount of course (which they’re making in-house now by the way).

 VideoMic Pro+ Videos

VideoMic Pro+ Press Release

(cover photo credit: snap from RØDE)


  1. Nice feature additions to an already good performing mic. I presume they haven’t changed the capsule in any way, but I like new new EQ options. The new power features are smart, but as 9V batteries last a long, long time, I have never run out of battery power with my Video Mic Pro. The rechargeable battery is nice, but I simply LOATH micro USB connectors. Fortunately, the VMP+ can use regular batteries after the micro USB port fails (it will). I will likely upgrade to the VMP+ as I prefer the new suspension mount over my current mic. Good job, Rode!

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