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What The HECK? Is RED Going To Build A Phone? What’s Coming July 6th?

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With a few cryptic messages floating around the web, there's suspicion about what RED's CEO Jim Jannard is working on that he's teased on the forums:

Of course, that just lights up the forums with speculation… what could it be? What's a credit card number I can use?

He also said:

And then there's the following message that I also found on Facebook:

And Dustin Farrell posted this morning on Facebook an image of what looks like a cell phone camera that was patented by RED?

I've said for a LONG time (going back to my interview with Canon at NAB in 2011?) that modern cameras need to be using an operating system like iOS – which is certainly what looks like is going on from the patent image – a modular smartphone kind of camera.

But is it really something RED wants to be doing?

Will this be the future of cinema cameras?


Here's additional coverage on other sites:


(cover photo credit: snap from the patent)

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