A Muse Original Web-Series The Remarkable Ones Episode 3: Meet Jason Zook And Get Ready To Ask For More

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Those of you following planet5D for a while realize I'm a big fan of the team at Muse Storytelling (Patrick Moreau and company)… and they've put together this web-series called “The Remarkable Ones” that will be well worth your time. The key is that they're putting everything out there – showing the process, the problems, the pain, and the joy.

This is the kind of thing I absolutely love because it is showing the passion and the pain of life and entrepreneurship.

They put out 2 episodes (find them here) last year so they're starting out new episodes with #3 – and let me tell you this one hit home for me – and I know it will with many of you filmmakers and photographers as I know you're feeling many of the same feelings as you go thru your entrepreneurial journey!

Every episode features inspiring characters from around the world. Each one is a personal and intimate journey with one truth that they’ve found along the way.

As they launch, they're chronicling their journey to move out of client work and into original content with a podcast. Check out the full video at theremarkableones.org/episode-3. The first 90 minute podcast episode is available at theremarklableones.org or by searching ‘Chasing Remarkable' on iTunes.

EPISODE 3: Meet Jason Zook And Get Ready To Ask For More

Meet Jason Zook, an offbeat guy with some offbeat ideas. One of those ideas built a business worth a million dollars. But going from dreary cubicle to living the dream didn't make him any less… miserable. So he walked away. And once he did, he learned what he left behind and discovered how much more he could be.


Listen to the podcast HERE. This is FASCINATING! Please have a listen. You won't put it down. But maybe it helps that I know both Patrick (“p”) and Grant Peelle, but it is a great story. You can learn more about Grant's project here on planet5D too!

The Remarkable Ones

The Remarkable Ones is the brainchild of the Emmy-Award winning STorytellers at Stillmotion + Muse Storytelling.

Every episode is crafted with the Muse Storytelling Process. The Muse Process helps to identify and articulate the strength of each of our characters that's woven into a powerful story structure.

While every episode of The Remarkable Ones is entirely unique, they share a common theme of having incredibly strong characters, a powerful conflict, and a tight story structure. The Muse Process helps ensure every episode leaves a mark.

Learn more about the Series HERE.

Watch recent Web-Series episodes HERE.

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