The Most Insane Unboxing! They Spent Over $200k on TWO 8K RED Weapon Cameras and Then Did This Hilarious Unboxing!

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Prepare to laugh your butt off – I don't know these guys, but they've gotten a huge youtube following and they put together this hilarious video when they purchased over $200,000 of RED gear!

Yep, $200,000!

That's just crazy right?

I mean, if you spend that much on RED gear, you've got to laugh at yourselves right? Yikes!

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This Camera Costs HOW MUCH?! – 8K RED Weapon Unboxing, HOLY $H!T Ep. 17

Via Youtube Description:

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We just spent an astronomical amount of money on some RED cameras. Watch Linus flip out as he figures out just how much they actually cost…

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  1. This is Linus. Almost 4 million youtube subscribers, paid adverts in his video, several profitable youtube channels equate to a lot of money coming in.
    Running LMG (Linus Media Group), I am sure he knew how much all this will cost. But it makes for good drama and an entertaining show.
    Is 8K overkill for youtube videos? Yeah. But we don’t know what else he has on his planning table.

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