Did You Win in The Sekonic L-858D-U Speedmaster Light Meter Giveaway Contest? *Updated

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Sekonic L-858D-U Speedmaster Light Meters Giveaway:

Our first (of hopefully many) giveaway for Sekonic. With several industry firsts, sophisticated features, and 2.7′ color touch screen, the all-new L-858D-U provides content creators with the critical exposure data they need to create stunning and beautiful imagery for still or motion. Check their site!


The first winner hasn't responded yet – looks like we're going to be selecting someone else soon – good for you all!

UPDATE: Patrick was selected as the other winner.

Ben from the USA said this:

planet5D has always been a source of timely and relevant information for me – one of my favorite industry blogs on the net.  I'm so glad I entered to win this contest as I REALLY wanted this new light meter.
I still own a Sekonic from my college days, almost 20 years ago, and it still works like new.  I'm so glad that I'll be able to add their latest feature-rich light meter to my camera bag, and I'm sure it will be an important part of my workflow on set for capturing the highest quality images.  A great big thanks to planet5D and Sekonic – I'm a big fan of both!  You both rock!

Sekonic April 2017 Winner Selection

Speedmaster L-858D-U Speedmaster Light Meter

Product Highlights:

  • Incident Metering for Ambient & Flash
  • 1° Spot Metering with Viewfinder
  • Measuring Range: -5 to 22.9 EV (ISO 100)
  • Illuminance Range: 0.1 to 2,000,000 lux
  • Extensive Range of Cine & Video Settings
  • HSS Flash & Flash Duration Measurements
  • Flash Analyzing Function; Extended Range
  • 2.7″ Touchscreen LCD; All-Weather Design
  • Optional Radio Control Modules

Sekonic L-858D-U Speedmaster Light Meter Full Technical Specifications HERE.

(cover photo credit: snap from Sekonic)


  1. Hahah I would have loved to have won. I have never used a light meter, always been a bit out of my range. I can hope though. 🙂

  2. Those of you saying, pick me, have you checked your spam. You may already have been picked. 🙂

  3. How do you know if ya won or not ya can never find the winner in competitions so you know and can claim your gift

    1. Author

      All winners are notified via email – and then posted here and on the winner’s page.

  4. Hi! I have and still use the First Model Sekonic L-508 the first Sekonic zoom spot meter on the market at the time. Before I used the Luna-PRO F, which is still working, may need a servicing. I even have the Book “The Hand Exposure Meter Book by Martin S. Silverman, Jim Zuckerman, Bob Shell”. Featuring the L508. This meter I used when I was shooting Film because of the spot meter feature, into and my STILL CHAMPION of Flash and Ambient light. If there is need for a Replacement Winner It Is Me. Will can do with an update. Thanks!

  5. Still hoping? 🙂 I keep reading the stats on it and the stuff that bad boy can do! I want to put it to work! sure would beat the hell out of shooting a test shot and adjusting since I am just now getting into portraiture to offset my football when the season is out.

    (crosses trigger finger)

  6. Tossing my name into the hat for that first one. Shine a light and see my name. :V

  7. congrats to the winner there seems to be hope for someone else still look forward to reading who it is.

  8. Hi there
    . When will the second redraw happen. How long does the person who has not claimed their prize have to respond?

    1. Author

      Second draw happened yesterday – that person has 3 days to respond. They’ve opened the email 3 times but have not responded yet! (I have tracking software)

  9. Lets do this now. That winner don’t need a light meter.
    Just end the excitement. Select me. Good.

  10. Thank you! I’m a very happy winner from Montreal, Canada. I started reading planet5D two years ago and I loved it! Lots of information, articles and reviews. I’m in the video business as a DOP and from the «old school», so I kept the habit of using my Sekonic L-478D frequently. Now with the new Sekonic L-858D-U, l will be using a «Cadillac»!. Thank you so much planet5D and Sekonic! Long live.

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