dailyPlanet5D News 2017-05-03: New ADATA SD Cards, Waterbird Bendable Slider, Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Review, What’s Next from Nikon, 12K Rig, DJI vs GoPro, Scouting Location for Landscape Photography

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Libec bundles:

For a limited time only (4/20- 5/31) and while supplies last, Libec Sales of America is now offering a couple of great bundles on Shopify for U.S. residents only!

Libec is offering special deals on their newest models showcased at NAB Show next week. By simply adding 10 US dollars when purchasing an HFMP KIT Hands-Free Monopod or a TH-X Tripod System, you'll be the first to own their new ZFC-L Zoom and Focus Control for Sony, Canon, and JVC LANC video cameras! ZFC-L Official release date: June 2017.

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SmallHD sale!!! — get up to $500 off!

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Convergent Design NAB SALE!

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NAB 2017 Specials are available NOW! Save $500 on ALL upgrades for Odyssey and Apollo. 

Convergent Design’s Odyssey7Q+ and Odyssey7Q offer the industry's most comprehensive RAW support. Only the Odyssey RAW Bundle offers RAW support for more than 5 camera manufacturers (including ARRI, Canon, Sony, Panasonic, IO Industries, and IndieCam) and over 10 camera models, making it the most versatile and affordable solution for professional use. When you choose Odyssey for your RAW workflow you are getting three years of industry-proven stability and unrivaled value.

Odyssey7Q+ and 7Q can also be upgraded (purchase or daily rental) to support multi-camera production. Whether you have a multi-cam shoot, or a single 4K camera you want to use to produce a multi-cam production, simply add the Apollo or Titan option to your Odyssey for maximum versatility, making the most of your toolkit!

Convergent Design has changed the way we think about multi-camera productions by consolidating features that make it simple for one person to manage and produce, while needing little to no time in post production to achieve the desired deliverable. Apollo and Titan HD Extract allow you to monitor, record, playback, and switch in one small, lightweight package. All video is recorded with matching timecode and file names, as well as the switched program. Additionally, you can take the program output to your streaming solution for a portable live production with immediate program and iso backups.

RAW Bundle, Apollo, and Titan HD Extract upgrade options are available for Odyssey7Q+ and Odyssey7Q Monitor/Recorders. Titan HD Extract is available for Apollo Multi-Camera monitor/recorder. All upgrades are available on the Convergent Design website.


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