Will the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV get a MAJOR update with new features and serious 4k video updates?

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Now here's some excitement for Canon EOS 5D Mark IV owners (if it is true!)… tho many might say it is too little too late as well.

I'm excited to see this if canonrumors is right. Tho I know many people were sad after the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV announcement with the fact that the 4k video had the 1.7 crop factor and only motion JPEG to begin with.

The two biggest features in this list are 1.27 crop and XF-AVC file formats as options.

If this indeed happens, then it will be evidence that Canon is listening to the frustrations of some potential buyers – but again, is their reputation already damaged by not having these features in the initial release of the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV?

Obviously I can't answer the question of whether this is real or not (and I hesitate to share this because I would hate to get hopes up and have them dashed if it isn't true), but if it is, then many of us will be very happy!

What do you think? Will it happen? Would you buy a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV if these features were there? Sound off in the comments!

HiCrop Factor Change for 4K on Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Included in Coming Update & More

Via Canon Rumors:

We have been sent more information about the upcoming C-Log update to the EOS 5D Mark IV, while this comes from a new source, it’s pretty detailed.

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV C-Log Update:

  • All video output will still be 8-bit.
  • Sampling for DCI 4K will be increased to a 5632 x 2970 pixel sensor area resulting in a 1.27x Crop factor.
  • Sampling for UHD will be from a 5472 x 3078 pixel sensor area resulting in a 1.29x Crop factor.
  • Both modes are accurately down-sampled to their final resolutions.
  • Existing frame rates will remain the same.
  • The current 1:1 4K sampling mode will remain an option for situations benefiting from the 1.78x Crop factor.
  • There will also be new full-sensor 3K modes added including 60fps and HDR 24fps.Both will use a line-alternating sampling method, so quality will be inferior to the improved 4K format (but better than the existing FullHD 1080p format.) It is unclear whether the file resolution in the final firmware will be the full 3360 x 1890 format or down-sampled to 3072 x 1728.
  • FullHD 1080p will also use this 3K full-sensor mode with down-sampling for a noticeable improvement in perceived resolution.
  • FullHD 1080p will also receive a modest frame rate boost to 72/75fps.
  • The EOS 5D Mark IV will gain the XF-AVC file format at 120Mbps (4:2:0) and 200Mbps (4:2:2). Both formats should require low enough data rates to accommodate UHS-I U3 type SD Cards.
  • Reports relating to a possible service job for the 5D Mark IV are the result of the heat sinks on current units not performing well in some environments when used with the newer firmware. This is because of the increased processing load from the enlarged video sampling area. Newer units will ship with an improved heat sink while existing 5D Mark IV units can be retrofitted. Pricing is unconfirmed for that servicing.
  • The newer firmware will still work in non-serviced cameras, but this may result in premature temperature warnings.

Read this article at Canon Rumors “HiCrop Factor Change for 4K on Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Included in Coming Update & More”

(cover photo credit: snap from Canon Rumors)


  1. Yes, “little and late”, if no 120/1080, and even more stuff on 1dx2. I guess a lot of video/photo guys aiming at those cameras will keep waiting and waiting now…

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