Someone’s Had a Bad Day… Craigslist User Rants: “DSLR USERS – THIS IS HOW YOU APPEAR IN 2017”

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Just a quick post to share something that cracked me up… found it on a photog's group on Facebook, but is shared on my town's CraigsList…

This person seems to have something against DSLRs – not sure what s/he's advocating instead of a DSLR or what is the real intention (other than venting and getting something off your shoulders)

Also included in the post… a few choice images of size.

Maybe he's a mirrorless guy?

(And before I could even publish this… “This posting has been flagged for removal. ” and it is gone… but I did grab it!)

Photos included:

The basic body style of the dslr has been around for 30 years now looks like a Star Wars design for a star fighter…..

Every one of them looks like every other one of them……black and star fighter shaped only a small brand label separates them

Big Giant Bulky Heavy Black Molded Black Plastic Hanging from your Neck – Makes you look so 80's

Little old ladies over 80, that's who it impresses

Look up the Canon EOS 620, 650, and 630? They are the root evil of the design that won't go away!!!!!!!! Everything dslr you see today is just a clone from the 80's Canon design that later spawned the EOS 1…… 30 YEARS IS ENOUGH

Just a word, SO….wearing a huge ass dslr around your neck does not “dress” you for any part, real or imagined … it makes you appear like a walking Canon ad from the 80's in reality……

It's time to bury the dslr, it's ran the course and served the purpose for 30 years now and frankly I'm fed up with the look/style so it's time to notify you….the person perpetuating this tired, worn out, and so mundane style ….. bury the DSLR, put it down on the ground and walk away….walk away with a better self-esteem knowing you have broken yourself from a 80's marketing hype that has locked your brain …. wake up to 2017

The new icon for photography is anything but a black, molded plastic, streamlined, and capable of space travel look created by Canon in the 80's ….???



(cover photo credit: snap from Craigslist)


  1. Wow and I thought I went off on strange tirades (like my rant on FB yesterday about wide shots on video interviews where you can see all the gear and clutter) but this rant makes me feel less self conscious. And the DSLR hasn’t been around for 30 years but perhaps the SLR has. Sounds like someone needs a well deserved vacation with their snazzy new smart phone!

    1. “…perhaps the SLR has [been around for 30 years]”. The SLR has been around 120 years! Ever heard of a Graflex?

      The first hand-sized SLR (for 127 film) was the Exakta (1933), and the first for 35mm SLR was the Kine Exakta (1937).

      I agree that full-frame DSLRs (and their lenses) can be bulky. (I used to own an Olympus OM system, so I know whereof I speak.) But the larger sensor offers speed and resolution advantages not possible with smaller sensor formats. And my camera is bigger than yours, so there.

  2. Some people need to get a reality grip on life. I am a mirrorless person (Panasonic), but do not knock what anyone else is using. It’s their money and their choice. Just as with anything in life.
    It would have been nice to offer an alternative to the DSLR style. For me, it would be like trying to re-invent the wheel and make it better.
    Lots of “love” for Canon in this! 😀

  3. Just in case you have a DSLR/s, or even an SLR, and are obviously fed up with it/them, please feel free to “…put it down on the ground and walk away…” from it in front of my house. I would be happier than a dog peeing on a fire hydrant picking it/them up, lowering my self-esteem so far that a fence would have to be built around me so the ants don’t pee on me, and hanging my head in disgust as I walk back into my home with the DSLR/SLR’s.

  4. I actually thought my prior comment would pass moderation, but I guess not. I didn’t say anything bad in it.

  5. Wow. Looks like someone has their hair on too tight. My DSLR doesn’t impress? Wearing my camera doesn’t dress me for any part, real or imagined? Thank you, anonymous ranter, for your enlightening and possibly unique POV. I had no idea I was dressing or impressing, or not, with my beloved cameras. Yes! It’s true! I confess I have more than one. Perhaps there is some new and exotic therapy that could rid me of my compulsive obsession to make pics and clips. I know, dear ranter, my life must seem pathetic to an uber thinker like yourself. But my cameras are soooooooooo much more than mere tawdry fashion accessories. They are life itself. My life, specifically, thrown up on any unsuspecting screen to parade my guilty pleasure of heart stirring memories of my earthly sojourn. With much luck I may still wake up and abandon this DSLR land of lotus eaters. But I doubt it.

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  7. Well, it’s a good thing he hasn’t seen me out with my Pentax 6×7. It might drive him into apoplexy.

    1. Ooooh, with that sensor you could shoot the moon and zoom in to find the moon buggy and Neil’s flag!

  8. Whoever this anonymous ranter is he’s an idiot. I’ll take a DSLR user any day over the twits who stand at the Grand Canyon or Yosemite or Bryce Canyon with a cell phone trying to take pictures. Most of these clowns are more interested in capturing “selfies” than in capturing the grandeur around them.

  9. …usually the guy in the funny hat says this kind of stuff… then will pickup what ever they have put others down for in an attempt to be original. *In other news I am thinking of going full mirrorless (with a camera system that looks like a mini DSLR) for my kit 😀 *

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