MUST SEE! Daring Photographer and Daring Clients Get Astounding Results!

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So, do you think you take risks in your film/photo projects? I’ll bet you may think you do, but after seeing what Jay and Vicki Philbrick are shooting, I’ll bet you feel a bit less daring, but you’ll also certainly be inspired by their work!

I “met” Jay in a Facebook group where he posted one of his images and shared the video below.

Needless to say, the reaction from the photographers in the group was over the top impressed! And that included me.

Scroll thru the numerous photos below which Jay graciously allowed me to share with you and watch the video. You’ll be amazed and inspired.

Not only is his team brave and amazing, the clients must be as well!

And I felt a challenge and felt inspired to learn and do more… to stretch myself and provide better content for my clients and for you!

Extreme Wedding Photographers Capture Couples in Dramatic Shots

Via ABC News:

Jay and Vicki Philbrick are the husband and wife duo who work together to create dramatic wedding photos for couples.

Snaps from the wedding shoot “On The Edge”

View more photos HERE.

Breathtaking Pictures of Dancers and Couples on the Edge of a Cliff

Via Fstoppers:

Jay Philbrick and his wife, Vicki, have owned a photography studio in North Conway for twelve years. Jay had the idea of placing a bride on the side of a cliff way before he became a photographer. The idea came up while he still was a full-time climbing guide. Then, a couple of years later, after he had launched his wedding photography business, a couple mentioned their passion for climbing. That is how the first bridal session on the edge of a cliff was brought to life. This was the only time the bride and groom were climbers. All of the other bridal sessions of that kind — 4 or 5 to this day — were with people like you and me, who had never really climbed before.

Read full article at Fstopppers “Breathtaking Pictures of Dancers and Couples on the Edge of a Cliff”


Also featured in New Hampshire Magazine “The Photography of Jay Philbrick”

PhotographerJay Philbrick is in the foreground with dancer Claire Martindale and climbing guide Marc Chauvin. In addition to securing and training everyone, Marc often serves as Jay’s on-cliff assistant, providing extra light and help with wardrobe. | Photo Credit: Jay Philbrick Via New Hampshire Magazine

Claire Martindale stands on toe point about 400 feet from the valley floor on a small shelf of rock on Cathedral Ledge in North Conway | Photo Credit: Jay Philbrick Via New Hampshire Magazine

Here are a few snaps from some of Philbrick Photography's impressive photo shoots on the edge of a cliff setting.

The Eaglet

View more photos HERE.

Thin Air

View more photos HERE.

Check out more of Jay's and Vicki's work in their website.

(cover photo credit: snap from Philbrick Photography)


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