The Kicker Shows Us Cameramen That It Could Always Be Worse

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The Kicker has to be one of the better satirical media pages on the internet.

It’s a joint venture between two prolific, and successful comedy writers (Saturday Night Live and the Onion) who are just as passionate about writing and comedy as they are about sports. But they do things a bit differently than other outlets, telling stories that are pretty off the wall, even by The Onion Sports' standards. A perfect example of this is their video where they (mock) interview the cameraman who exclusively covers Jerry Jones.

While it’s funny and all, for us here at planet5D, we think of it as a bit more complicated than that. For the pleasure of just sitting back and laughing, the video is great, but then when you think about it, it’s hard to not be like, “Wait, who DOES have to do that for three hours every Sunday?”

So when you’re up late at night, and worried about where your career is going, take a minute and just remember, at least you’re not doing that job.

The “Jerry Jones” Cameraman | Hardest Jobs in Sports

Via The Kicker:

During every Cowboys game, there comes a moment–after a touchdown or an interception, perhaps—when the coverage cuts to a shot of Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones reacting. But where do those shots come from?

Meet Dale. He’s the cameraman who has to film Jerry Jones all game long. In this edition of “Hardest Jobs in Sports”, we explore what it’s like to stare at a 74-year old oil baron for 3 hours straight, every single Sunday. (Hint: it’s rough.)

Via YT Description:

This man has to stare at Jerry Jones for 3 hours straight, every Sunday. How does he stand it?

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Starring: John E. Brady
Writer: Zack Phillips
Producer: Caitlin Smith
Director: Adam Sacks
DP:Jeff Locascio
B Camera: Mark Hendon
AC: JT Schindler
Audio: Alessandro Altman
Coordinator: Jamie Rasmussen
Intern: Emma Wren
Editor: Ryan Spears

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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