Protect the Surface of Your Fisheye Lens with Fisheye Protectors by Tadashi Filters

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Here's something that may be intriguing to many of you… a way to protect the front element of your fisheye lens!

There are lenses (usually of the very wide angle variety) that have a bulbous front element and therefore can't use a flat, screw on filter.

But Tadashi has created a protecting filter that solves that problem. Have a look at the video below.

Note that it doesn't do any filtering like a neutral density or polarizing filter, but is meant purely for protection.

What do you think? Cool or gimmick?

Introducing: Tadashi Filters

Fisheye Protectors by Tadashi Filters

Via Tadashi Filters:

Fisheye Protectors help protect the surface of your fisheye lens, allowing you to get in closer than ever and create shots you've never seen before.





Tutorial: The BASIC and PRO Fisheye Protector

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you ship international?

Yes, $15 flat rate sent via USPS

Do you make a filter for the MK1 (deathlens)?

Not right now, but our team of developers are looking into it…

What is the difference between the PRO and BASIC Fisheye Protector? And which one should I buy?

The PRO has military hard grade coating so it will be more durable and resistant to scratches. If your planning on abusing the filter and taking lots of risky shots you may want to consider buying multiple BASIC filters. With the low price one can treat them as semi-disposable.

Should I buy extra shock bands and do they break?

Most likely no you won't need to. Every order comes with an extra set of shock bands in case you misplace them. They are pretty strong and rarely break. *When not using the filter we recommend you take off the bands during storage

Read more about the Fisheye Protectors by Tadashi Filters

Tadashi Fisheye Filters are also available at B&H.

(cover photo credit: snap from Tadashi Filters)


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    Did you do an article a while back (not sure how long, maybe late 2014) on a drone Called XOne or XPlusOne? It lifts off and lands like a quad copter but goes horizontal in flight and flies like an aeroplane. If so, how can I see that article? I met the inventor today and he’d love to see what you did. Thanks

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