Which RODE VideoMic Is Best For You? Caleb Pike Has The Answers!

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If you’re shooting video on a DSLR or Mirrorless style camera, you’re probably accustomed to suffering the horrible in-camera audio.

This is a problem that’s been solved with the incredibly popular on-camera RODE Video Microphones. There’s good reason for their popularity too. They’re powerful, easy to use and a huge step up from quite literally any camera’s built-in audio options.

But it’s not as simple as just choosing a brand nowadays. RODE has released many different options to choose from ranging from $59 to $229. So which one’s right for you? Caleb Pike at DSLRVideoShooter.com has the answers you need.

In his search for the best video microphone, Pike compared the RODE VideoMicro, the RODE VideoMic Go, RODE VideoMic and RODE VideoMic Pro. In doing so, he also explains some pretty valuable facts about using in-camera audio on your DSLR or Mirrorless camera.

While the results of the comparison fall pretty equally with the price-points, it’s still very interesting to see how well the RODE VideoMicro performs with a great pre-amp in front of it.

Personally, I’ve used the VideoMicro for almost a year now and had mixed results— the highs being unbelievable and the lows being pretty underwhelming. That being said, my advice on purchasing a Mic is always purchase for your care level.

It’s incredibly important that you don’t think spending $229 on the Video Mic Pro will result in instantly better audio. Even though it’s very easy to use, it still takes an operator that wants to focus on it to make the audio shine.

For me, the VideoMicro made sense because I’m very attuned to the pre-amp in the Sony a7S’s and am able to get fantastic audio for *what I need* most of the time. But I still record 95% of my audio externally using a RODE NTG4 and Tascam DR-70D.

Again, purchase for your needs. You don’t always need the most expensive options.

Ultimate RODE VideoMic Showdown! Find Out Which Microphone is Best for You

Via DSLR Video Shooter:


Rode VideoMicro $59


  • Tiny
  • Cheap
  • No rear pickup
  • Easy Use
  • Comes with wind shield
  • Removable cable (if something breaks)


  • Very noisy due to low output (on Canon DSLRs)
  • Won’t work with every camera (requires a low voltage from the camera)
  • How to Improve: Use Preamp

See the full list of microphones mentioned in the video at DSLR Video Shooter “Ultimate RODE VideoMic Showdown! Find Out Which Microphone is Best for You”

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