If You’re Getting Tired Of All The Slow Motion Video Out There, You Need To Check This Out!

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Super Slow Motion is more accessible than it’s ever been (if not at quite an expensive cost).

Most cameras that we shoot with nowadays have the ability to shoot at 60 frames a second, and often higher. Many cinema cameras offering 120 frames a second on up to 240 frames a second—but the popular Phantom Flex 4k is the end all of high frame rate cinema.

But as any good group of filmmakers knows, just recording at a motion freezing 1000 frames a second isn’t enough to make an image worthwhile. You have to have an interesting subject, a story, lighting, motion and production design. That’s what really makes this amazing BTS Video and Showreel from Love High Speed Camera Rentals so incredible. The combination of all of these things with the Bolt— the High Speed Cinebot.

The Cinebot picks up where human motion control would fail. Precisely programmed movements work hand and hand with the Phantom Flex 4k’s 1,000 frames a second to capture infinitesimal moments with cinematic elegance. Each moment they capture, they use the Bolt to add an extra bit of incredible, inexplicable movement.

The BTS Video shows how quickly each action takes place and how so little goes such a long way with great acting, directing, production design and lighting. Slow Motion might be getting overused nowadays, so if you’re getting a bit tired of it, let this Showreel get you excited about it again.

Stiller Studios, Love High Speed and Mr Moco Bolt – Behind The Scenes

Watch a High Speed ‘Cinebot’ Capture Some Killer Slow Motion Shots

Via PetaPixel:

The video was released back in January of 2015 by Love High Speed camera rentals, Stiller Studios, and Mr. Moco Rentals. Together, they put together a showreel of slow motion shots captured with a Bolt High Speed Cinebot holding a Phantom Flex 4K camera shooting at 1,000fps.

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  1. Nice stuff. I live right near mrmoco and went to school with the MD and know most of the staff. Great team. I think the best ad for the bolt is the OKGO music video that just came out. It’s totally nuts. If you watch the BTS, you see the bolt.

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