An Astounding Magical Hyperlapse Journey Through Cappadocia – Shot by Rob Whitworth – Must See!

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planetMitch note: A guest post from Rob Whitworth (whom we’ve featured before)

I asked Rob to provide some details about how he shot this astounding Hyperlapse for Turkish Airlines – including wondering how he plans, what software he uses, and what advice he has for someone starting out… I suggest watching the video twice – once to admire it, and once to look at fine details – such as the transitions from winter (snow) to summer…

Turkish Airlines approached us about making a video in Istanbul (through an agency called AFI they work with) following the Barcelona video in 2014. We were about to get started on pre production for the Dubai project so had to turn them down. We stayed in contact and the Istanbul video went ahead in May 2015.

Following the Dubai video it was crazy, the sheer volume of emails. It seemed like most of the worlds production companies got in touch wanting a chat and there simply wasn’t time. Made 2015 a bit of a blur.
I work with standard kit. I’ve got a couple of Macbook Pro’s that travel with me. I have reluctantly just ordered a new one though I’d love to be free of Apple.
Most of my time is spent in LR Timelapse / After Effects / Lightroom. LR Timelapse being the single greatest bit of software for time lapser's.
Regarding the videos it’s all about planning and storyboarding. First working out key ingredients then planning how to link them together. Thanks to modern tech it’s possible to be the guy that shoots and the guy that edits and also does all the post.
The cool thing about Cappadocia was shooting the same landscape in January and May to get the seasons, which I haven't had the opportunity to do before. It got as low as -19°C some days in January capturing this icy frozen landscape, seeing it again covered in green and warm sunshine was very cool.
It was my first experience of shooting in really cold conditions, amazing how quickly your hands become painful handling cold cameras and lenses.
Regarding how to get started. My first video was back in 2011, at the time I think my family where about the only people interested in my work. I released ’Traffic in Frenetic HCMC’ on Vimeo and within three days it had received 700k plays. The internet is great, you don’t need anyone's approval to share. If you make something good and original it can get noticed.

Once Upon a Time in Cappadocia

Unbelievable historical and natural beauty is in Cappadocia! Experience a magical journey through Cappadocia with Turkish Airlines.

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(cover photo credit: snap from Rob Whitworth)


  1. Impressive !
    I gess how long time is requiered to create that kind of product. Shooting and postproccessing.
    Thanks !

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