The Vitec Group Acquires Wooden Camera– Will This Buyout Affect You?

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I love writing about up and coming companies in the camera industry which is lucky because there are so many these days.

Because of the velocity at which the internet spreads information, ideas and concepts that seem small have the potential to exponentially grow and become more important than we originally thought.

Wooden Camera was one such start up at one point in time, but has since become a powerful innovator in the world of camera accessories. Their A-Box, made for the Red Epic, was one of those ideas that may have seemed small at the time, but it’s what propelled their brand to the next echelon in the industry.

After a long and prolific run for Wooden Camera, they have been acquired by the Vitec Group. Wooden Camera will be incorporated into the Vitec Group’s Creative Solutions business unit, complementing other brands such as Teradek, SmallHD, Paralinx, and Offhollywood.”

It seems that in 2016, company buyouts have a negative connotation for some consumers, but rest assured, this buyout will most likely be a very positive thing for those that are fans of Wooden Camera’s gear. The Vitec group will give Wooden Camera faster and wider distribution as well as allowing their creative minds to focus on doing what they do best. Innovate.

Wooden Camera's gear has quickly infiltrated almost every level of production and this buyout will only accelerate that process. This year, we’ve seen some company buyouts, but most likely, none that will have a greater effect on most of us than this one.

The Vitec Group plc Acquires Wooden Camera

The acquisition highlights the company’s dedication to manufacturing premium camera equipment to enable exceptional image capture and sharing

The Vitec Group has acquired Wooden Camera, a Texas company known for its high quality professional camera accessories. Wooden Camera will be incorporated into the Vitec Group’s Creative Solutions business unit, complementing other brands such as Teradek, SmallHD, Paralinx, and Offhollywood.


Wooden Camera was founded in 2011 by Ryan and Elizabeth Schorman. Their first product, the A-box, converted the RED Epic’s 3.5mm audio output to XLR and quickly became an indispensable tool on set. All of Wooden Camera’s products are designed, assembled, and shipped from their Dallas, Texas facility.


“Just like their products perfectly fit the modern camera, Wooden Camera fits perfectly into Vitec’s business, right alongside the other game changing brands that have joined us over the past four years,” said Nicol Verheem, CEO of Vitec’s Creative Solutions. “We have fantastic synergy in our products, end-users, channel partners, and even other vendor relationships. Like Teradek, SmallHD, Offhollywood and Paralinx, Wooden Camera is a young, innovative company whose fresh ideas not only make creating content easier, but more affordable. I’m delighted to have Ryan and Elizabeth on board to help lead us towards the future of content creation.”

Wooden Camera products are known industry-wide as essential items for making cameras more functional and versatile. Their designs span several product categories including baseplates, matte boxes, power distribution, and cages, among other things.

“We are excited to become part of The Vitec Group and feel that our product line and culture fits perfectly with Vitec's premium brands. Customers already turn to Wooden Camera when they need to mount a SmallHD monitor, Teradek transmitter, Anton Bauer battery, and other items. Now as an official part of the group, we look forward to many new possibilities,” commented Ryan Shorman, founder of Wooden Camera.

Wooden Camera manufactures camera support accessories for professional film and video production including matte boxes, audio adapters, power systems, cables, cages, and much more. Design, assembly, and shipping are done at the Dallas, Texas location while the Los Angeles location services studios, rental houses, and local production needs.

(cover photo credit: snap from Vitec Group Press)

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