The Aputure VS-5 Is The Dedicated External Monitor For All Levels of Production

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Aputure is a relatively young company, and they’ve harnessed that youthful energy and created what I feel is quite a powerful online presence.

With great hosts and useful information for their customers, they’ve attracted a wide variety of shooters—those who are new to using their products and those who are veterans ready to try out their brand. They’ve utilized that youthful energy with the recent release of the Aputure VS-5 monitor.

In their introduction video for the VS-5, they showcase all of what makes the monitor so special. And then when you find out that it’s only $500, it really is an incredible deal.

(Promo) Aputure Introduces The VS-5

Unfortunately for Aputure, a great chunk of the market now desires monitors that also record HDR or higher resolution versions of their footage out of camera. I understand this because I often use an Atomos Shogun to record 4k from my Sony a7S. Despite that, there’s one important thing to remember about the Aputure. It can grow with you.

While the Shogun and similar recorders (barring the Odyssey, which when you add in SSD costs and codec rights is astronomically more expensive) have only HDMI inputs and have a ceiling on the quality footage they can record. Unless you’re in dire need of 4k, is there a reason you shouldn’t just save your money and put it towards a body with better capabilities?

In my opinion, the Aputure VS-5 is one of the better deals in monitors at the price.

In conjunction with the release, the VS-5 Aputure has put out a couple videos showing its capabilities and usefulness on set. The first is a video explaining how to use waveforms and what they can do for you. The second goes into detail about vectorscopes.

If you’ve ever worked in a commercial environment with video, you know how incredibly important both of these tools are. When you have hundreds of moving parts on a shoot and the cost of a re-shoot is out of the question, tools like these scopes allow you to make objective, quantifiable judgements about your shot. Considering our eyes are constantly playing tricks on us, this is absolutely INVALUABLE.

If you’ve never used a professional video monitor before or don’t know how to read scopes, check out both of these videos. If you’re in the market for a professional video monitor, the Aputure VS-5 should be on your list.

How To Use A Waveform Monitor

Aputure Explains Vectorscopes

What is a vectorscope and how can you use it? We answer the basics about a vectorscopes and how it can help you get the best possible shot. Rrom white & black balance and even how to save you hours in post when chroma keying. Remember to like, subscribe and enjoy!

For more info on our new VS-5 Pro 7″ Monitor check out our website today!

Aputure VS-5 7″ Pro Multifunctional Monitor


Via Aputure:

The VS-5 is a 7″ field monitor with both HD-SDI and HDMI inputs, a 1920*1200 resolution, and a 160 degree viewing angle that makes it easy to monitor built-in functions such as waveform, vectorscope, RGB histogram, false color and zebras. This powerful device enclosed in durable, yet sleek housing makes the VS-5 the optimal SDI monitor for any shooter or cinematographer.

Learn more about the Aputure VS-5.

(cover photo credit: snap from Aputure)

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