Just How Good Is The iPhone 7 In Low-Light?

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Each time a new iPhone makes it onto the market, the first thing that people seem to check out is the camera’s quality.

Apple knows this, so the new iPhone packs some pretty impressive upgrades in the camera department.

Because of the ways that consumers tend to use their cameras, the most obvious way to improve upon older iterations of the iPhone was to have it perform better in low-light. When you’re hanging out with your friends at a bar, or you’re trying to snap a picture at a birthday party and the only light source are the candles, you’ll be relying heavily on this ability. So how does it do?

Well, first off, you absolutely must remember that the iPhone will never replace a DSLR. Honestly, I’m surprised we’re even posing these sorts of questions anymore.

Since that’s out of the way, we can judge the iPhone with a fair eye.

It seems to me that whatever improvements were made to the iPhone 7’s camera aren’t incredibly salient upon first glance. The low-light, while decent among phone cameras in general, isn’t a massive step forward for the brand. Do you feel differently?

Because the video itself was shot with the iPhone 7, we get an opportunity to also see how the video performs. Unfortunately, I’m left underwhelmed. Even by iPhone standards. I feel as though this could an encoding issue, but I’m having trouble justifying the large amount of artifacts and banding. Have you achieved great results with this camera? If so, link in the comments.

The iPhone 7 might not be a groundbreaking camera, but for many people it’s a litmus test for where the camera phone field is.


Just How Good Is the iPhone 7’s Camera in Low Light? We Put It to the Test

Via Wired:

The iPhone 7 and its bigger sibling the iPhone 7 Plus feature some big camera upgrades, but the 7 Plus is particularly remarkable. Apple touts it as the one to use for low-light photography, and even made an ad, called “Midnight,” about a kid’s all-night photoshoot of amazing scenes.

The specs are top-notch: dual lenses with 28 and 56mm focal lengths, an f/1.8 aperture, optical image stabilization, and an even brighter flash. Everything comes together to make better shots in under all conditions, some of which would make the iPhone 6 melt down.

How much better is it? We did a little late-night street photography in San Francisco with an iPhone 7 Plus to find out.

Read full article at Wired “Just How Good Is the iPhone 7’s Camera in Low Light? We Put It to the Test”

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    1. eno more like uh…no. your contrarian point assumes we expect dslr like quality form this camera, which noone (who reads actual camera blogs) does. the camera and sensor, and digital stabilization are better.

      1. Nobody is expecting DSLR image quality out of it, but unfortunately the new Iphone’s have a similar image to 150$ smartphones. Auch!

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