This Interesting Little Device is an SD Card With Built-In Gyro Sensor

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Deejay and I talked about this on the DSLR FILM NOOB podcast last Friday and it seems pretty cool.

I was initially a bit confused but it dawned on me that they’re using an SD card and putting little chips on it with firmware and you’re inserting a micro-SD card as your memory. So this is an enhanced SD Adapter card.

It has motion detecting circuits like your smartphone does. When using this SD card, it records all of your camera movements in a file stored on the microSD. You then need software on the post-processing computer to interpret those movements and adjust each frame of the video accordingly. The developer of the card is working on that software too.

Watching the video is pretty impressive – tho it isn’t anything really new, we’ve seen functionality like this before – but it has never been done from an SD card as far as I know. Typically, these chips are embedded in the filming device so being able to do this with a camera that doesn’t come equipped is the exciting feature here.

Pretty cool eh? Would you use one of these for something like your goPro? What about your DSLR?

virtualGimbal – Post-processing stabilizer / Test No.5

This SD Card Has a Built-In Gyro Sensor to Stabilize Your Shots

Via PetaPixel:

virtualGimbal is one of the most interesting little devices we’ve ever come across. An SD card with a gyro built right in, the device does double duty by capturing your footage while it also captures the movement of your camera for better electronic stabilization in post.

We first learned about the device over email, when a PetaPixel reader who attended Maker Faire Tokyo this year tipped us off and gave us the creator’s email address. We got in touch, and today we finally heard back from Yoshiaki Sato.

“virtualGimbal is a microSD to SD adapter that contains a 3-axis gyro sensor,” he told us. “It measures the angular velocities of camera while recording video, so users can stabilize videos after using the angular velocity data by PC.”

Using an external device full of sensors to help stabilize footage later in post is not a new idea — SteadXP, for example, did much the same thing—but nothing we’ve ever seen is this compact or multifunctional.

Read full article at PetaPixel “This SD Card Has a Built-In Gyro Sensor to Stabilize Your Shots”

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