The Tiny CASE Remote Air Syncs Your Camera To Your Phone!

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I think it would be a mistake for any photographer to not bring a wireless controller on a shoot with them. They allow you to place your camera in a wide variety of locations and angles that you’d be otherwise unable to shoot in. But which specific controller should you bring?

Well, surprisingly, there aren’t a huge variety of options, and worse, most are over priced. So, here’s the solution:

The CASE Remote Air is the world’s smallest wireless camera controller and comes loaded with all of the features that you really need. CASE Air allows you to wirelessly trigger your camera, via a receiver that's attached to the shoe on top of your camera. This syncs your camera with your phone and allows you access to live view, time-lapse shooting, focus stacking, and of course exposure control.

The size of the unit is also clearly a selling point. This small size allows you to mount to almost anything without affecting either the balance of the camera, or its relative form factor. Meaning, it won’t just be running into everything when shooting at weird angles or in small spaces.

The fundraising video might be pretty cringe-worthy, but the product seems totally legit. Contribute to their fundraising campaign and get an early model!

CASE Remote Air Indiegogo campaign video

CASE Remote Air: make your camera smart

Via Indiegogo:

Remote control camera with your smartphone. Live view, touch focus, wireless photo transfer, etc.

The CASE Remote Air is the world’s smallest and most powerful smart camera controller. The CASE Remote Air enables you to wirelessly control your camera with your smartphone or PC. Simply connect the CASE Remote Air through your camera’s USB, and it will generate a WiFi hotspot, that will connect your smartphone or PC to your camera. It is equipped with advanced functions including live-view, parameter editing, HDR, focus-stacking, bulb, time-lapse, video control, and many more.

CASE Remote Air CASE Remote Air Support

Learn more about CASE Remote Air at their Indiegogo campaign page.

(cover photo credit: snap from Indiegogo)

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