Sony Isn’t The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV’s Biggest Competitor – Time Is

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Patience isn’t a gift that we are all bestowed with—and I can say with confidence that patience is not a highly valued virtue.

It seems that with every step in technology, before we’ve been able to really digest what we can actually do with the advancements, we’re looking around and complaining about/asking why it’s not easier to get.

While I’ve done most of my professional work in a post-SD world, we’ve already been confronted with a new “standard”- 4K. These advancements are always pushed by a variety of sources. What I find is that a lot of this pressure is spawned from idle, on-set discussion, which creates a sort of bar of expectation of what we need and want in a camera.

With the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, there’s a sort of aggressive tone taken, though. Instead of, “I hope it has_____”, it’s, “It better have _____.”


In 2012, President Obama was reelected, Windows launched Windows 8, Instagram released their first Android App and Facebook went public.

Also in 2012, the Canon EOS 5D Mark III was announced and released to an absolute firestorm of praise. Here we are, four years later, anxiously waiting for the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. For many of us, myself included, it’s important to throw this context in because it illustrates where we are, and indeed where Canon is in the industry.

When Facebook went public, their shares were valued around forty dollars. Today, that value per share has tripled to one hundred and twenty four dollars a share. When the Canon 5D Mark IV is released, will it resound so heavily as a success of research, development and engineering? Facebook found ways to capitalize and shift consumer’s expectations by leading them to new ideas of what’s possible. Every manufacturer and creator seeks to have this impact.

Because of this eagerness and lack of patience that I was talking about, we have dedicated whole sites to finding new information about camera specs. Recently, because of the impending launch of the 5D Mark IV, we’ve gotten some (mostly) confirmed specs, and for the most part, they sound fantastic.

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But I can’t help but feel less enthusiastic than I thought I would be.

Time does strange things to the mind. Four years ago, every single thing that’s been listed as a spec on the 5D Mark IV would be groundbreaking, but looking through the 2016 lens, it’s just a bit expected. Expecting vs. Expectant.

I often feel that the Internet is an echo chamber of criticism, rather than of praise. I don’t want to be a catalyst for perpetuating that, especially considering the huge improvements and exciting features offered by the 5D Mark IV. And make no mistake, I want you to be excited about what the 5D Mark IV has to offer. But I have to wonder if our collective lack of patience has created an environment in which innovation isn’t as celebrated as it used to be.

If we said more of, “I hope it has ____” instead of, “It better have ____”, would you feel differently about the Canon 5D Mark IV?

Over the past four years, we’ve seen a major shift not only in what we want in a camera, but what we expect from those who make them.

*UPDATED* Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Specifications & Image

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Via Canon Rumors:

Latest updates to this post are in bold.

A different source has added new specifications. We’re pretty confident in their validity.

Below is the latest we’ve been told about the upcoming Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. I would be inclined to put a [CR3] on this, but I will wait for further confirmations.

No CFast slot has caught us by surprise and we expect this specification list to grow after the next few days.

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Specifications:

  • 30.4mp
  • 7fps
  • Compact Flash/SD Card Slots (No CFast)
  • Built-in Wifi
  • 24/30fps @ 4K
  • 60fps @ 1080
  • 120fps @ 720
  • 4:2:2
  • 8bit 500mbps MJPEG
  • USB 3
  • Cable release port moved to the front of the camera where the “Mark XX” badge was.
  • A lot more touchscreen functionality than the EOS-1D X Mark II
  • Other ergonomic changes, such as a new “locking switch” on the rear of the camera.

We’ve confirmed wifi from the same source and added it here. We expect GPS to be standard as well.

Read this article at Canon Rumors “*UPDATED* Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Specifications & Image”

(cover photo credit: snap from Canon Rumors)

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