Yael Shulman Shares Tips on Diversifying Your Resume, Forging Your Own Path, and Mastering the Hustle

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You know it is a small world really don't ya? Well if you don't, it is. 

When I was very much younger (think high school and college), I was a huge fan of a ‘progressive rock' band called Gentle Giant. Ok, not stalker level, but I did see them in concert twice and bought most of their albums (we called them that back in the day HA!).

Fast forward to my days of planet5D and being interested in filmmakers and what they're doing to expand their horizons. And I met Yael Shulman via email and a couple of online posts a year or two ago. But several months ago, I discovered that Yael is the child of one of the guys in that band I was a fan of so many years ago! Damn! That's cool. She was brought into the world the year after I graduated from college.

So, when you make a unique connection with someone and then find out you've got another connection, you end up feeling the world is indeed pretty small – which is hard to say knowing that there are 7 billion people on it I know!

Anyway, Yael has been featured recently on Vimeo's blog and so I'd love to introduce you to an amazing young filmmaker.

Yael Shulman on Accruing New Skills & Broadening Your Scope

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Via Vimeo:

So when Yael Shulman popped into Vimeo HQ, I was thrilled to learn more about her background: she’s managed to take on a vast array of behind-the-camera work for over a decade, and create incredible videos ranging from sports docs to pizza parlor profiles. Below, Yael offers tips on diversifying your resume, forging your own path, and mastering the hustle.

Rachel: You’ve worked as a director, cinematographer, and editor. How did you get involved in all of those things?

Yael: I was born into the music industry, and and my family also has a background in the arts. So with music and art in my blood, I’ve been creating videos since I was a kid. In the ‘80s, my dad had bought a VHS video camera, and I would shoot and direct mini commercials and WWF wrestling videos. In the early ‘90s, we got an early version of Adobe Premiere, so I learned how to edit videos and make music videos as well.

Along with the influence of early MTV and ‘80s movies, It was great to have all these creative tools around me early in life. It definitely shaped me. After I graduated from the School of The Art Institute of Chicago with a BFA in Film and Video, I decided to make filmmaking a career.

Via Dolorosa

Do you think it’s necessary to dive into multiple behind-the-camera roles?

I definitely think it’s important to learn every and all aspects of production. You need to wear many hats, see a project through to completion, and be self reliant. My advice when learning a new filmmaking skill is to just go for it and not be afraid. I learn to operate new cameras all the time — sometimes on the job, a few minutes before a shoot. Everything has a learning curve. It just takes practice.

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