The Nikon D5 Has An Amazing Sensor– No, Really It’s Amazing

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The Nikon D5 is one of the best Full-Frame DSLR’s on the market. It occupies a space at the top of the sports, nature and general photography field that is rarely usurped, until the camera company releases the follow-up to that camera.

In this case, the Nikon D5 was the follow-up to the immensely popular Nikon D4. And it’s got all the specs to back up that title. The autofocus speed and the FPS make it a really strong competitor to the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II. It does fail in certain ways though.

While its autofocus speed is spectacular, it doesn’t have the ability to truly migrate that feature to video work. The Canon EOS-1D X Mark II does.

But wait. That’s not the end of the conversation. Nikon and Sony have always touted that their sensors are a step above the competition, and if these SenScore results are to be trusted, Nikon has another label to hold over Canon.

The Nikon D5 has scored the highest rating on SenScore amongst full-frame cameras.

The SenScore rating cumulates Dynamic Range, Color Range, Tonal Range and Resolving Power to create their score. There is a wide variety of reasons why anyone buys a camera, but among sensors, The Nikon D5 reigns supreme. For now.

SenScore posted their Nikon D5 test results

Via Nikon Rumors:

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SenScore's conclusion:

Nikon's latest full frame low-light sensor cannot match the previous generation's excellent noise performance, but in every other aspect, it manages to improve on its predecessor. However, the moderate improvements are somewhat disappointing for a new generation flagship camera. Obviously, a camera is much more than just sensor performance, but the fact that this is the best sensor Nikon can offer 4 years after the launch of the D4 is worrying all the same. Still, the D5 is a great camera and the new #1 in the database.”

Read this article at Nikon Rumors “SenScore posted their Nikon D5 test results”

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