Still Using A Quarter To Tighten Your Tripod Plates? The Rabbit Key Is Here To Help

by Bret Hoy2 Comments

If you’ve been shooting for a while you probably have a slew of tools in your pockets and on your key rings that help you get a shoot done easily. I know that I do.

If you shoot with a Manfrotto quick release, or tripod quick release of any kind, I know of at least one thing in your pocket. It’s almost guaranteed that you have a coin, or a bottle opener or a screwdriver of some kind. Without that, how do you tighten your quick releases, or adjust their position?

Well, instead of that, maybe consider this tool, custom made for the job. The Rabbit Key Universal Camera Key is a tool made to help you crank those overly light, or hard to tighten quick release plates into place. If you don’t already have a decent solution for your quick releases, check this out.

Rabbit Key Universal Camera Screwdriver

Rabbit Key Universal Camera Key

Rabbit Key Universal Camera Screwdriver image 2

Product Highlights:

  • Helps to Mount Camera Plates or Rigs
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Small and Portable

Rabbit Key Universal Camera Screwdriver image 4 Rabbit Key Universal Camera Screwdriver image 3

Via B&H:

Whether you are a photographer, camera assistant, videographer or filmmaker, Rabbit Key Universal Camera Key will make your work easier and faster. Forget about looking for a coin every time you mount your camera to a quick release plate, video rig or gimbal. The key is made from stainless steel, which is a strong and durable material; it lets you tighten your camera firmly without hurting your fingers.

(cover photo credit: snap from B&H)


  1. Nothing really new here.
    This already exists in so many other iterations and prices elsewhere and mostly cheaper.
    Try Sears, Home Depot, Ebay, etc.
    I have a Sears one that is 30 years old and has 4 sizes of blades. I think it was $0.49 then. It is now $3.75 on Ebay.

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