Olympus Adopting The E-Mount Might Be A Long Shot, But That Doesn’t Mean It Wouldn’t Be Awesome

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Olympus is in a strange place in the camera manufacturing family. This isn’t because their cameras don’t have great features or don’t take solid photos. It’s mostly because of the convenience factor of actually switching entirely to their system. This battle can’t be fully illustrated better than what’s happened with so many shooters switching to Sony over Nikon and Canon over the past couple of years.

As much as shooters gravitate towards cameras that have the best features, often the inconvenience of switching an entire workflow to a different lens mount outweighs whatever you could get from making that switch.But there’s one big thing that could really up the ante for Olympus. Switching their lens mount from the OM-Mount to the E-Mount.

This seems like an absolutely daunting task, and the writers at Sony Alpha Rumors agree. Any way to eliminate the need to buy adapters for your camera will definitely make an Olympus switch a much more convincing argument.

While Olympus still has a lot of catching up to do with video, if you’re an A7s shooter, would you be interested in shooting with an Olympus E-M5II for stills? These are questions I can’t answer. If Olympus does it, it also means they have to compete with other bodies on the E-Mount.

The bottom-line is that as a consumer, this would give you the greatest amount of options. And who doesn’t want options?

A long shot speculation: Olympus to join the E-mount system?

Olympus to join the E-mount system

Via Sony Alpha Rumors:

Just recently Olympus published a surprising patent describing a set of new lenses designed for a Full Frame mirrorless system camera:

17mm f/1.4 (7 cm total lens length)
25mm f/1.4 (8 cm total lens length)
25mm f/1.4 (13 cm total lens length)
28mm f/1.4 (13 cm total lens length)
35mm f/1.4 (13 cm total lens length)
50mm f/1.4 (13 cm total lens length)

As you know Olympus has no such system yet. And in the light of the Sony-Olympus partnership it is not impossible to imagine Olympus to join the Sony E-mount system. It would certainly a very big news for the system if that would happen! There are three possibilities for Olympus:

1. They will launch their own FF system (which in my opinion makes little sense)
2. They could make Zuiko lenses (or sell the lens designs to Sony) for the E-mount system
3. They could join the E-mount system with their own branded cameras and lenses

Read this article at Sony Alpha Rumors “A long shot speculation: Olympus to join the E-mount system?”

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  1. You are forgetting that Olympus already has a shared lens mount. The OM mount you speak of is there old mount. The current mount is micro-four thirds mount which is already shared with Panasonic.

    So sure, it could be possible that Olympus would launch a new full frame system and use the e-mount and create a new full frame consortium, that wouldn’t be the EM5-II and would not effect their micro-four thirds system.

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