Canon To Announce New G Powershot At Photokina

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I can speak for most people when I say that we’re all eagerly hoping and anticipating Canon making more than a couple of big announcements this year at Photokina, and signs are that we’re going to get it.

Canon Rumors has announced that we’re probably going to get a new G Powershot added to the Canon lineup over the next few quarters.

I’ve personally never owned a point and shoot digital camera. And most professionals that I’ve talked to haven’t either, but it’s easy to forget how important these types of cameras are to Canon’s sales numbers.

Don't write off what these handheld cameras can do for you and your camera set ups. It might not be the sexiest announcement at Photokina, but it has the ability to drive not only Canon’s sales for the next couple of years, but it could force other companies to respond with their own tech.

That’s the kind of competition that could drive some exciting stuff in the future.



Via Canon Rumors:

We’re told that there will be at least one new “G” Powershot camera announced for Photokina in September. The likely candidates for a Mark II update would be the PowerShot G5 X and the PowerShot G9 X.

The “G” series of PowerShot cameras from Canon have been a sales success for the company, but nothing like the heyday of point & shoot digital cameras.

Read this at Canon Rumors “NEW G POWERSHOT FOR PHOTOKINA [CR1]”

(cover photo credit: snap from Canon Rumors)


  1. Looks like this is a dead category with smart phones eating into this space every year.

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