Are You Bored With Your Interviews? Kessler’s Second Shooter Will Get You Excited To Shoot Again

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It’s pretty easy to find yourself in a rut when you’re shooting a lot of interviews. Not only can you find yourself in a rut, there aren't a lot of ways to distinguish yourself from the competition. Everyone’s sort of expecting a similar look from interviews, so why rock the boat?

That mindset can wear on you after a while and leave you bored with your work. But there’s a  great way to switch things up and add a whole new, engaging look to your footage. Just add some movement.

The problem with movement in interviews is that it’s very difficult to get that smooth cinematic motion when guiding a slider, Glidecam or DJI Ronin. Not only that, how are you supposed to communicate with the on-screen talent and monitor your motion at once? It’s nearly impossible.

The solution is adding a motion controller to your arsenal, like Kessler’s Second Shooter motion control. It provides both the smooth controlled motion that you want in your interviews and it runs without you having to monitor it. This leaves you available to get the best content out of your talent. An added bonus is the Quiet Mode that keeps the motor as quiet as possible during those interviews.

The Kessler Second Shooter is what it’s advertised as. A second shooter. And it even goes beyond that. It doubles as an intervalometer for timelapses and can even be used for time matched Roto shots. It’s a piece of gear that can take multiple parts of your shoots to the next level.

Check out this quick video on adding movement to interviews and then read up on the Second Shooter. It might be what you need to break out of that interview monotony.

Adding Camera Movement to an Interview

Adding motion to a static interview shot is a very easy and effective way to enhance your video production and take an otherwise mundane shot and turn it into something interesting. In this video you’ll learn a few ways to capture more dynamic interview shots by adding camera movement with Kessler Crane motion control products.

Kessler Second Shooter 1

Via Kessler:


Option 1
Second Shooter 3-Axis with Stealth Slider: View Now

This is a full motion control kit with pan, tilt and slide. Great for motorized movements such as live b-roll, interview looping, time-lapse, stop motion, etc. Both the motion control and slider are modular so they can be used separately. You can even mount the Pan/Tilt Head to a tripod for a motorized pan/tilt head.

Option 2
Second Shooter 1-Axis: View Now
Parallax: View Now
Fixed-Length Slider: View Now

A 1-axis motion control kit consists of control of the slider axis, but the Parallax attachment will also be motorized when mounted to the slider thus giving a 2-axis movement. You are also able to use the slider manually or with the Parallax for manual pan and slide shots.

(cover photo credit: snap from video)


  1. I have used something similar and my clients always love the end product!

  2. Seems to be a challenge to determine how quiet the motors are…my interviews are done with a much closer subject to interviewer to microphone ratio than shown here. My usual distance (like many I’ve seen) is about 5-6 feet. Their sample setup is not a very intimate for personal interview/story telling. Most people’s rooms are much smaller. My Sennheiser MKH 416 picks up just about every noise in a room…don’t want any motor hums in the background.
    Anyone used these in closer proximity?

  3. I disagree. Why is your static shot mundane. If the content of your interview is boring cut it or out approach it differently. I don’t think ‘dressing’ shots just because you can is a wise race to be in.

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