Legion M: The First Hollywood Studio Owned by Fans

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Ok planet5D fans, I'm on vacation with my family and while surfing Facebook during a quick break, I ran into a post about this “Legion M” – a new film studio that has initial investors and possibly you.

I have had zero time to investigate this, but asked our virtual assistant to put something together based on their site… so I'm presenting this to you unfiltered and raw.

I can't vouch for their validity or their plans, but wanted to throw it out to you to see if there's any interest or knowledge about them. What do you think team?

Legion M

Via Legion M:

We're revolutionizing the world of entertainment by putting a new twist (fan ownership) on a proven business model (content production). This gives us a strong competitive advantage–when our projects are released we have a Legion of Fans pushing to make them successful. By building a community of shareholders that are financially and emotionally invested in our projects, we can change the world of entertainment forever!

Jeff Annison on The Street


  • Founded by Emmy winning digital media pioneers.
  • Ground floor opportunity to invest at low, seed stage valuation
  • Signed creative alliances with the creators of Robot Chicken, Meltdown Comics, and mixed reality gaming pioneers at 42 Entertainment
  • Advisory board of Hollywood heavyweights.
  • Raised over $400K from accredited investors – now we are opening it up to the fans!

I Am Legion M

What Sort of Return Can I Expect

As with any investment, it's impossible to say what will happen in the future. But we can tell you what we hope to achieve. Entertainment is a massive $800 billion/year (and growing) global industry. We believe Legion M is the sort of idea that can transform it.

You are buying in at a $12.6MM valuation. The media companies we aspire to become (e.g. Legendary Entertainment, Vice Media, Maker Studios) are generally valued in billions. If we are successful, there is a LOT of upside.

The stock you are buying has the exact same financial terms as the founders. We're all in this together — we only make money if you make money. We're swinging for the fences, and aiming for a return of 10x – 100x or higher for our investors. And while no one can guarantee success, we're doing everything in our power to make this the best investment you've ever made.

Read full campaign page HERE.

Check out their Project Teasers HERE.

What role will fans play with Legion M?

Via Nasdaq.com:

Annison: As a fan you will be investing in Legion M. It’s kind of like buying a share of Apple stock. We’re working with top tier creative partners to help us develop a slate of projects.

Those creative allies plus the Legion itself (fans/shareholders) will help us find the projects that we want to fund. When you invest, you’re getting a part of that.

Scanlan: As a fan/shareholder you’re now part of the community that goes behind the scenes. You’re engaged, throughout the process, in the development of that project.

You’ll always have some inside access. There will be circumstances, for example, where we have the talent, celebrities on a conference call the shareholders can participate in and be able to ask questions.

We’re really opening the gates to Hollywood. We want to let fans engage well before the project comes to market.

As a shareholder you would have a secured place where you could log in and engage with us. As an investor it’s kind of like getting a double return. There’s the financial return if we’re successful, but there’s also the emotional return of being part of the entire process.

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