The Return of Noir and Plastic Bullet for iOS

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I'm on Stu's (ProLost) email list and saw this yesterday – thought you might want to see it if you're not on his list.

Yea, I know… another iPhone app (well, 2) but they're not expensive and if you're into photography with the phone, you just might like these.

The Return of Noir and Plastic Bullet for iOS

Via Prolost:

In the early days of the iPhone, I worked with Red Giant to bring you two photo apps, Plastic Bullet, and Noir.

In a world overpopulated with photo “filter” apps, Plastic Bullet is still unique in that it runs a complete photographic simulation on your images. The light leaks and vignettes feel like an organic part of your photos. And the secret formula is different every time, so you get infinite variety, all at the touch of just one button.

Noir and Plastic Bullet for iOS

Noir transforms your photos into rich black and white, with beautiful, dramatic lighting that you control with a customizable vignette.

Each of these two apps was downloaded hundreds of thousands of times. People liked them a whole lot.

Then a terrible thing happened. Despite their popularity, these apps became unwieldy and then impossible for Red Giant to sustain. New OS version and new device sizes came along and ultimately left us in the dust.

But we never forgot these apps, and we’ve finally figured out how to bring them back. Red Giant co-founder Drew Little has create a new company called Moment Park to rebuild these and other beloved apps in a smart, sustainable way. And today, they are both once again available on the iTunes App Store, as universal versions for iPhone and iPad.

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