StudioBinder: Cloud-Based Call Sheets

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Setting up for a production has a lot of things that have to happen and a bunch of people who have to show up to help you achieve the end goal and after listening to Hugh's interview with StudioBinder, i'm dang curious to see more. 

We have done an earlier story: Call Sheets Driving You Nuts? There’s An App for That: Studio Binder

And we're curious to see what these new features Daria mentions at the end that will be coming after NAB

What do you do to handle Call Sheets? Spreadsheets? StudioBinder?

StudioBinder: Cloud-Based Call Sheets [NAB 2016, Episode 4]

StudioBinder is a cloud-based app that automates much of the call sheet process — and reminds us once again “yeah, it's about the gear, but no, it's not about the gear, it's about the people.”

StudioBinder – Production Management Made Modern

Via Studio Binder:

Create call sheets in under a minute. We’ve streamlined the call sheet workflow to save you time.

Create call sheets

Auto-Weather, Hospitals and Map Links
We insert weather and hospital details based on set location. Map links are generated for easy navigation.

Personalized Call Sheets
Quickly assign individual call times, private notes, and custom parking instructions by department or recipient.

Add Schedules
Add shooting schedules, scenes, or company moves.

Manage production contacts with accuracy
Manage production contacts with accuracy

Send elegant, personalized call sheets
Send elegant, personalized call sheets

  • Built for people on-the-go
  • Track as call sheets are viewed & confirmed
  • Backup and share files in the cloud

Learn more about StudioBinder HERE.

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