NAB 2016: Blackmagic OS 4.0: The New Standard in Sub-$5,000 Video Camera Software UX

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I wasn't able to spend much time with the new Blackmagic OS at NAB, but our friend Hugh Brownstone did and is sharing this video. 

I was impressed tho with the demo and sure wish other camera manufacturers would implement some UI improvements like these to their camera OS!

And to those manufacturers who keep telling me that “professionals don't want touch screen LCDs” let me tell you I still think you're wrong!

Blackmagic OS 4.0: The New Standard in Sub-$5,000 Video Camera Software UX [NAB 2016, Episode 5]

Blackmagic OS 4.0

Blackmagic OS 4.0 feat image

I was blown away by the new software user experience (UX) of Hasselblad's H6D, and now Blackmagic delivers a dramatically enhanced software UX too, this time in a dedicated video camera, the URSA Mini. Call it the new standard in sub-$5,000 dedicated video camera software UX, confirming that a sea-change in usability is underway. It's about time.

Let's just hope it really does ship this summer. Pricing & availability for:

Blackmagic URSA Mini 4.6K:
Hasselblad H6D:

(cover photo credit: snap from video)


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  1. why no more updates for the original bmcc 2.5k camera?
    this is the camera that made you and most indie users have.
    why no 60fps update????
    the micro camera can do 60 fps and have the same exact sensor as the oiginal 2.5k.

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