The Google of Beaches! How Greg Balazic Used His Passion for Photography and Started BeachRex

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You know I've always had a soft spot for new things and learning about the amazing projects people are undertaking. Please meet Greg Balazic who calls himself a “Beach enthusiast” … his passion is beaches.

Yup… beaches! To which I say, “don't we all?” LOL

But seriously, Greg's made it his mission to create a website totally dedicated to sharing knowledge about beaches around the globe. He's so passionate about it, he spent 4 years traveling around the Mediterranean before he even started his website.

I love beaches so much that I dedicated 4 years of my life to exploring Mediterranean beaches. I have managed to explore 2,500 different beaches. The idea behind this great adventure was to put my love for travel to a good use and gather photos and information on as many beaches I can, so that everyone can have something from it.

Namely, I have decided to create a website where all these great photos, videos and spherical photos of beaches are presented including specific and useful information on each beach. The project has a working title BeachRex – the king of the beaches, because it already includes more beaches than any other project (website) in the World. For now I have created a demo website where a small portion of everything is presented. My vision is to within a few years further develop the website to the extent of having photos and information on all the beaches of the World – something like “Google for beaches.”

Now how cool is that? Have a look at the prototype he's set up on the main page – including 360˚ spherical panoramic photos you can navigate around in.

I keep looking for people who are amazingly passionate about a project and Greg's certainly fitting into that – taking his love for photography, travel, and beaches and stretching himself by not only taking photos but taking it to another whole level by creating something nobody else has done.

Do you have that kind of passion and vision? If so, what are you doing about it? Write me and let me know.

Note… as I go to publish this (I've been talking with Greg about it for a while and just haven't squeezed it in…) I notice he's launched a Kickstarter to raise money to fund more work on the site… the video certainly explains more about the project and you can see his passion too!


Greg's allowed us to share one of his posts so you can feel some of his passion…

Top 4 Cliff Diving Beaches in Croatia

Via Greg's Beach Blog:

When I usually write about beaches, or when you read about them, we have this typical dream beach in our minds. A beach, where you can't get your pulse above the sleeping level. And probably you are not expecting anything else than a story about beaches, where you can relax, enjoy the sun, sip your cocktail, surf your tablets or phones and not strain yourself.

Well, you couldn't be more wrong. For this article you will need a healthy heart, courage, and be a bit of an adrenalin junkie. I will show you where to go, to find some fun and adrenaline kicks, down the Croatian coast. It is an invitation to dive off cliffs; head first, legs first, with a somersault, even a double one, in a pair or with friends, eyes closed or open,… the limitations are only in your head.

I recommend you watch this video

or this one, and you will understand what I'm talking about.

Croatia is famous for its beautiful beaches, not so much adrenalin beaches. But they do exist, you just need to know, where to look. Most are located near the town Pula in Istria. Some people know about them, mostly locals. But if they let you in on the secret, you will be amazed by the views of the cliffs. Most people don't even want to stand on the edge, let alone jump. But with the internet and camera in every phone, people tend to get braver, and more creative. Thanks to this more and more people dive off those cliffs into the debts of the sea.

The beginnings of cliff diving started in the second half of the 18th century. Hawaiian king Kahekili used this technique to test the bravery of his soldiers. Every year they got bolder and more organised. If you are brave enough or just curious, the beaches mentioned below will be the right spot to visit.

Let's start from what I feel is the fourth best beach in my book. The beach is called Punta Christo and it is not just perfect for the adrenalin junkies, but also for those that love a little bit of history on the side. Next to the beach is a fortress that goes by the same name. They used it in the 19th century for protection of, at that time, the main military port of the Austro-Hungarian state. The fortress is truly impressive and worth visiting. The beach is located about 200 metres (220 yards) from the fortress. Rocky surface that touches the sea has formed beautiful cliffs from which you can jump in the sea. The height of the jumps is from 1 to 5 metres (3 to 15 feet), which is enough to satisfy your restless heart. The rocky terraces are also perfect to just lie and enjoy the sun, the view and the masters at work. GPS coordinates (44°53'25.87″N 13°47'40.34″E).

beach Punta Christo

beach Punta Christo

A spot higher on the list is another beach perfect for all adrenalin lovers. It is called beach Punta Verudela, near the cape Verudica and its lighthouse. Similar as Punta Christo it has an Austro-Hungarian fortress near-by, which was transformed into a city aquarium. The beach offers a beautiful view of the surroundings. And the turquoise blue waters with sandy base presents an amazing experience, when you are deciding from which out of hundreds of shelves you want to dive in. The height of the dive varies from just a few centimetres to up to 8 metres (26 feet). GPS coordinates (44°49'59.99″N 13°49'58.42″E)

beach Punta Verudela

beach Punta Verudela

The honourable second place belongs to the beach located on Cape Kamenjak. The beach called Mala Kolombarica is part of the bay that goes by the same name, in the south part of the Cape Kamenjak. There are rocks and cliffs, and it is easy accessible by car. You will find all sorts of adrenalin experience here, above and under the water. Next to diving off cliffs, which can be up to 11 metres (36 feet) high, there is a very popular underwater cave called Mala Kolombarica. Especially the divers love this area, because there is not only the cave, but numerous underwater tunnels. Pure adrenalin. After an exhausting day you can relax and freshen up in the legendary Safari Bar. If you are really good, know a trick or two, and love audience, better wait for high season, because there will be a lot of people waiting for your performance. GPS coordinates (44°46'8.06″N 13°54'42.88″E)

Read full blog post to see other amazing beaches at “Top 4 Cliff Diving Beaches in Croatia

Follow Greg's adventures at:

About Greg

Greg BeachRex

“Hello! I'm Greg, a beach enthusiast and the founder of the BeachRex project. I am a big fan of photography, travelling, nature, sea, but above all, beaches. Even as a kid I adored the magical moments that can be found on that little spot, where the sea touches the land.

The beaches enchanted me and gave me an idea, which totally made sense, considering how much I love being near the water. Six years ago I decided to make my passion for beaches my life. I decided to make the biggest website in the world dedicated to the beaches of our whole planet. Why the whole planet, you may ask. Because I love challenges. And besides, my country Slovenia only has 46 km of coastline. That was not much of a challenge.”

Read more about Greg's story.

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(cover photo credit: snap from Greg's Beach Blog)


  1. This is a brilliant idea to create new quality content out of existing things which most people in the world need and want. Applause! I am always searching for nice beaches and I can imaging that Greg will find very fast big partners, who are joining him for tourism.
    I will support you. Thanks so much for your idea, because Google is mostly sooo bad with old images in Google earth and street view. I could imagin that you could ask them to join and they would buy it all for a very good price Greg!

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