Click now to learn more (and buy) the 5DayDeal Photography Business Bundle for only $87!

Running a Photo/Filmmaking Business? Spend a Little and Learn a LOT! The 5DayDeal Photography Business Bundle is WORTH IT

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I've been trying to start another business as well as learning how to run planet5D better and more efficiently 

And it is HARD!

If you're running a business or thinking of starting one, you'll quickly find out there's a lot to know – and there's probably a lot you don't know!

There's finances, planning, pricing, publicity, marketing, hunting for clients, and so much more.

You want to be in business for the FUN right? The shooting! But unfortunately there's a lot to the business side and sometimes that even takes over. So why not learn to do it better?

The 5DayDeal team has put together a bundle of business products (and they're aimed at the photography business – but there's a lot that will apply to a video production company in there) that is an OUTSTANDING BUY! I've just skimmed some of the materials and I'm stunned at the quality of what's in here.

Just do yourself a favor and go at least look at the contents of this bundle before it is gone forever on March 1st at 12pm PST!

Click now to learn more (and buy) the 5DayDeal Photography Business Bundle for only $87!

Click now to learn more (and buy) the 5DayDeal Photography Business Bundle for only $87!


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The Complete Photography Business Bundle is running Feb.25-Mar.1 and it’s a massive collection of eBooks, worksheets, templates, and video tutorials for photographers of all-levels. Whether you’re an emerging or seasoned photographer this library of resources will fill you with ideas and tools to help you make money doing what you love. Check it out!

What’s really important to note is that this bundle comes with the 5DayDeal promise: every single product included is 100% brand new to 5DayDeal. No repeated products. And they’ll never be offered ever again. Period.

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Customer Reviews

“I love this bundle – a very doable and affordable upgrade on my knowledge and skills as a professional photographer – thank you guys so very much!!! This selection not only gives me invaluable tools to improve my business, but also updates me about the newest important things and connects me to awesome teachers and mentors.” – Heidi Seedorf | Virginia, United States

“Love these deals!! Great way to build marketing library and learn new ways to improve your business & increase profits. Learning directly from the pros is the best way to do it. I can't wait to dig in to the master class, bloging tips an other great items. On top of huge savings you get to support some really great causes and you even get the opportunity to double your donation to make a bigger impact. Nice!” – Channah Morris | Georgia, United States

“These deals are truly amazing… Worth every penny! Whether you're a newbie or an experienced photographer/business person; the combination of materials, resources, and knowledge shared by the professionals of our industry is second to none. Every 5 day deal is as valuable as they say it is. We've purchased 2 deals so far and each one has surpassed our expectations. Thank you 5DayDeal!” – ANDREW HIORTH | Ontario, Canada

“Just bought the business bundle. Can't wait to dive in! I have been wanting to get more serious about the business of photography, but have hit someroadblocks. Hopefully, this will help me along the way. Thanks for the great deal! Can't believe all of this great content was only $87!! Thanks again! – Caleb Daugherty| Indiana, United States

planetMitch note: yes, I'm an affiliate and I wasn't as excited about promoting this until I actually got my hands on the contents – and I'm not kidding, just one or two of the products included are worth $100 easy… so getting the whole $1,900 bundle for $87 is an insanely good idea. Plus, 10% of all revenue goes to charity!

For example – five products alone total over $600:

  • Autofocus Marketing Calendar (Joy of Marketing) $229
  • In-Person Sales Bundle (Salesographer) $130
  • Photography Business Masterclass (Serge Ramelli) $90
  • Email Marketing For Professional Photographers (Dave Seeram) $89
  • Blogging Brilliantly – 30 Days to a Better Blog (Christine Tremoulet) $97

So, please at least consider it!

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